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Got any questions? Need price checks? If you don’t have time to log onto Maple or the computer you are using doesn’t have it and you’re dying to ask a question, just post it here. I will check as often as I can to answer all you questions! Just leave a comment.


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  1. ur 3t3rnal l0v3r says:

    wehn r we getting married???

  2. Anonymous says:

    i’m in love with u

  3. Hi there, I would like to subscribe for this blog to
    take hottest updates, thus where can i do it
    please help out.

  4. Dark20 says:

    I accidentally skipped some of the evan quests and they won’t let me go back to the farm area. What shoud I do? I’m stuck so can you help me? I won’t be able to unlock the lvl 50 mount quest if I don’t complete them. Thanks in advance!

  5. Ascent says:

    Magic throwing knife need require wad level?

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  7. Anonymous says:

    what is the best job u think?

  8. ~Anna says:

    how do i get an intermediate item crystal ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    how to get mastery book for 2nd job?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Do u learn any fjs in dual blade and what level?

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    how much would a maple dagger cost in scania lv35 and aslo is there a dagger lv43 like maple storm finger

  13. Anonymous says:

    i was wondering. are arans better or dual blades, because dual blades need alot of mastery books, but arans are pretty good but attack damage sucks

  14. Anonymous says:

    i need money in scaina lv29 pirate going to be a brawler. HELP ME SOMEONE I NEED MONEY. PS im still wearing the lv10 knuckle they give u. T.T

  15. Anonymous says:

    hey sushi i need money really fast for my evan.i walk so slow i want to mount my dragon but i dont have that much money i only have 2-3 mil.any ideas where to train and get money.

    im level 51 so i cant train in many places beacuse my evan has a little hp. i only do 2000-3000 damage.

  16. Anonymous says:

    how much is a maple staff worth and why cant i ride my evan is lv51.

  17. FauxRenard says:

    hullo Mr Sushi 😀 ,

    Im fairly new to maplestory and currently playing a gunslinger ( lv 41 ) and enjoying him, however he is very weak :(. Apperently gunslingers start to shine at about lv 70, but my training is slow and getting to lv 70 seems almost impossible….

    Do you have any suggestions of how to train..? How long will it take to get to lv 70..? I really want a good gunslinger :).. but im feeling pretty hopeless 😦

    Also im very fond of pvp battlemode ( and the exp) 😀 but im always at the bottom of the list when fighting…. i occasionally see gunslingers as no.1 (who arent that much higher level than me) and wonder how they’re doing it…? :/

    and reply would be treasured >:D

  18. Edison Un says:

    May i know where can get the ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    hey do u noe where to find the Steel pipe weapon?

  20. Anonymous says:

    how do u get the android???

  21. Fifi says:

    Can you explain Alma Von Leon equips?

  22. Anonymous says:

    hey6 im lv 199 im like 1 lv of from 200 what should i do when im 200…..

  23. Anonymous says:

    hey6 im lv 199 im like 1 lv of from 200 what should i do when im 200

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am a lvl 56 and can’t mount my dragon.Can you please help me?

  25. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    i wonder if your still active in this site reply to me just testing?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think he must’ve quit. I used to use this site all the time but now it seems like he doesnt know how to reply? Oh well misewell move on to a new site.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah i think u should go on and use another site.I should too…

  26. KizoRyuzaki says:

    Hi, I wanna ask you that Battle Mage skills will it be same as Dual Blade? Need cash to upgrade?

  27. XxPikachu4xX says:

    Hi, I was wondering how much a Purple Christmas Stocking is worth in Mardia ~


  28. Anonymous says:

    did you quit maple?

  29. 626crow says:

    hey sushi u still play league of legends?

  30. Hi Sushi:

    I wanna ask about ” how to get money fast ?” because i have been playing Maple for a long time, and im tired of having crappy equips o low funds. I know about selling scrolls like chaos or white too make money , but the problem is im not getting any scroll :S ( Srry if my english is bad im from SA)

    • maverick666 says:

      After big bang it became a lot harder for lower levels to make money, without having money to start with. There are 3 options.
      1: buy nx (lame).
      2: Beg off of high leveled characters(also lame and doesn’t make much money).
      3: Get to at least level 80, and start killing some of the bosses that are below level 100. These bosses drop some decent scrolls. sell these scrolls in MTS or FM.

      • maverick666 says:

        Oh and you can take advantage of holiday events. During the 2010 Halloween event, I made 200m by making special stews. During the 2010 Christmas event I got 2 white scrolls, each of which are worth well over 100m. This is probably the most time efficient way of making mesos.

    • Noobyblader says:

      hey actualy when u fight if u lucky u will get any item so when u get it u can use it if u want it but if it useless to u u sell it. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Or if your good with numbers you could use the free market.

        ps: I turned a cheapo hidden potential red sneaker into 973 million.

  31. BootyDriller says:

    Wondering if Mechanics can make their Robot Equipment with the Maker Skill the saem way Evans can make their dragon equips?

  32. Nexon says:

    When dose Mechanic come out? >.<

  33. Nexon says:

    When do Mechanics come out?

    • Kimchiz says:

      According to nexon, mechanics might not come out due to dual bladers being added to the game. I dont know ,but on maplewiki it said so.

  34. Shau`shy says:

    Will chaos scroll add weapon att on Mapleshield??Thats all xD

  35. ironic says:

    where are the locations of the battlemage skillbooks?
    as in what monsters drop their skillbooks

  36. Anonymous says:

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  37. when does wild hunter come out tell me plz

  38. Eileen says:


    How do you advance to semi-dual (level 20)?
    Do I have to complete any quest, I’m level 20 now..


  39. 626crow says:

    sushi whats wrong y dnt u get on maple?

    • Meto says:

      actually, in galicia someone called asksushii got kerning donation king! although maybe its not him… then hes probably playing league of legends, lol, cuz some1 hacked him. shame… its almost big bang..!

  40. Sean says:

    hey i was wondering if i should pick a cliric or a archer and i want a class i can enjoy and not get distracted on and a class i can level some what fast and i have seen archers do good in battle but i have also seen clirics do good b/c they often get partys fast do u have any advice on wich one i should pick?

  41. Blablablubb says:

    When does DB comes to EMS?

  42. Biskut says:

    May I know why when I try to advance to thief it decline my purpose?

  43. Kumacy says:

    When i Potential something and it has only 2 lines and i cube it to reset and Potential it again, will it hav a chance to get 3 lines? And will the rank drop ?

  44. daniel(maplesea) says:

    just wondering about a dual blader quest called secret of the gold feather…..until almost the very end whereas u have to find 20 flints and leaves for silence of the wolf,after that he says u have to talk to grendel the really old,but when i reach grendel i dun see any lightbulb thingy(the quest lightbulb) is there a glitch or soemthing…..prequisite for the quest:secret of the golden feather,etc(dual blader skill) we just got our db on nov 10 b.t.w

  45. Noobz says:

    F>BS spam in sn2 my name is 10N1GHT10 , in casopia

  46. aqua says:

    Hey ive pretty much quit maple (until big bang) becuase i have alot of investments thatll pay off, but unfortanetly its coming 3months later then i expected, and to mention my DB accidently put skillpoints into endure insted of slashstorm. andything i can do? so bored…

  47. Noobz says:

    how to go to windraider??

  48. wish to play battle mage says:

    i wish to see the battle mage’s skills in your site ,but i have only found that in korean…can you post a english version? thx a lots~XD

  49. Hope Persona says:

    Mechanic is resistense too, why it not release same time with Wid Hunter and Battle mage?

    • nubnoobn00b says:

      Nobody knows but Nexon…

    • Meto says:

      It wasn’t developed enough when the information of the resistance leaked out and people wanted it fast, so they released the Battle Mage and Wild Hunter, then the Mechanic when it was developed enough. The Mechanic takes more time because there is also the robot-machine that they sit in.

  50. kiddude says:

    Where has Sushi been??

  51. Meto says:

    How do i lvl FAST in little time without spending money,
    plzplz everyone i know lvls so fast, my highest lvl was 44, but im not playing it anymore, im lvl 21 sindit with maybe 30k and black snowboard(*btw how much should i sell it for?) anyways ima be bandit but i level slow in 35-40 cuz i hate mushkingdom andnot srong enough for cpq
    PLZPLZ help im stuck!

    • kiddude says:

      Sucks for you, I do MUSHKINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Meto says:

      ill update.

      • kiddude says:

        that is a serious problem, i have always had enough cash. You can sell a good 60% scroll for 3 mil and have some cash.

      • Meto says:

        and almost 600k now but lvl 25 cuz I play a different player. lvl 31 now Official Knight guess what job. I’m doing Mushi Kingdom now cuz i don’t play so much anymore but my little brother plays some cuz he has much less homework and he dosen’t really mind it.
        so, umm, yea. If anyone wanna buy Blood snowboard, im selling it for 100mil in Galicia. plus i got some other valueable-ish stuff like scrolls and AWESOME rare stuff I got. “”CONTACT iRedShift IN GALICIA””

      • Meto says:

        hey and i also sold that snowboard for half mil, was that a good choice?

    • Paul says:

      lol do tw in cpq.

      • Meto says:

        yes i did tho not tw and usually lost but still got to lvl 38.
        (my bro did the cpq i barely did)

      • Meto says:

        ok i stared exploring, i killed som leprechauns and have over a mil. im lvl40. started doind netts pyramid for pots and cant wait till lvl 50!

  52. Bull $hit says:

    if i wan buy reverse lampion in @cash how much or in messo??

  53. Daniel says:

    Is there a job called me mechanic?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Are there any way to get a mask still for dual blade?

  55. MapleNerd says:

    ummm…. im not trying to be a noob or anything but i got an iruvata booster from gachapon and i wanna know what does it do or how much would it be if i was to sell it

  56. TakumiUsui17 says:

    how do you make wgs… or whats the price for brown, purple, or blue wgs in fm? and where could i find scroll for glove for atk%100? I would be thankfully if you know. ^_^

  57. VisionOwl says:

    Is this like the sushi from old times? fighting pianus with Tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… and others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Hope Persona says:

    I cant play maple now T_T.
    The new patch need new version of the game.What meaning of that?

  59. 626crow says:

    im back!!!!!!! downloading updates -_-

  60. AC00LNUB says:

    umm what monster would have the highest rate of dropping a chaos scroll? or where could i find the bottomwear production stimulator

  61. mapledarryl says:

    hi,i not playing maple yet,wat special about maplestory,can u give me some special about maplestory?thanks

    • jiashenaran says:

      i like maple!!! my Aran 116 lv only !!!!

    • nubnoobn00b says:

      you can in game marry?

    • Meto says:

      well if you really wanna know its like another life
      ur like a different person
      u can look like u want(kind of)
      and you have awesome skills to kill monsters
      who give you money and stuff u can use
      or wear
      or setup
      or sell
      or buy…
      and u dont stick with 1 person
      u can have more
      and choose wat skill u can learn
      so basically just play and have fun
      cuz thats wat it is!
      and if u ever see inotsougly(thats my character)
      in Galicia
      dont forget to say hello
      and thankyou.

  62. 626crow says:

    sushi im still not playing maplestory but ive seen someposts about potential earrings

    how is that special and what doesit do

  63. Simon says:

    Do you know if you can keep on getting the gacha masks, even though the event is over? If you check the website, there’s no expiration date for the maks.

  64. price check says:

    what can i do to make myself a nice fortune?
    btw im lvl 30 dual blade

    • ikazmi103 says:


  65. FlashinBucc says:

    Where can you find Horny (Hehe) and Zombie Mushrooms after the Big-Bang patch since the Ant Tunnel now has drakes? =O

  66. YushXD says:

    What do you think is the best way to make money without spending it in the process?

    • Meto says:

      selling fame(every day).
      killing monsters.
      selling things you don’t need to store or person.
      begging(gives a lot).
      making a bandit and adding to steal skill, then steal from high level monsters(thats wat im doing).
      drop games in ch1(Henesys and Kerning areas mostly)if there are.
      and u’ll have more than 5 mill in a few months(if you do everthing every day.)

      • Meto says:

        its not much but together for a long time its sure to work.
        (i myself have maybe 50k and i just started in Galicia)(12mil in Bellocan)(5mil in Bera)

  67. YushXD says:

    What world do you play in?

  68. aqua says:

    what scrolls would be the best to invest in right now if I wanted to get good profit in the future, i have about 70-80mil, if I sell some of my items

  69. carlpaul says:

    how rare are crimsoon hearts from crimsoon guardians ? im trying make a crimson angclaiver got 500 crimsoon woods and the another items but dont get the hearts f4 plz sushi help )im try on 2drop-.-)

  70. Me says:

    Ok I don’t know if I can get help but here I go I have been playing maple for 5 years and it’s starting to get boring I have made every job but it still boring I don’t want to stop playing but I don’t know how to make maple more fun

    • maplesushi says:

      Maybe try more boss runs. I sometimes like to try soloing certain bosses even if I have to die in the process. (Remember to be at 0% before). Another thing is maybe getting to a higher level. I don’t know what level your character are, but if you stick with one job and get it higher level, you will have more options to play around with.

    • Meto says:

      ya Me Too i play 4yrs and made almost every job. thats a mistake. but every job i made, at lvl35, i found out how the other job is better.the highest level i got to was 44.
      i found 2 problems.
      1:i did the mush kingdom quests that are boring. i should find a different way to lvl until im strong enough for cpq.
      2:i need to stick with 1-3 chars not 24.(which is what i rlly used to do.
      So now, i started a clean start in Galicia.
      i made 1 bandit called inotsougly hes lvl 21 but hell be bandit, actually sindit, cuz i wanted to try assasin. but hes bandit. anyways im planning to get him to 3rd job by next fall. im saving the other 3 places for resistance, but im not sure i like mechanic so i might delete it.i think you should move to one of the new ones like Mardia(which was the first one i saw being made)or Galicia. then start a “new story” and get to high levels and kill bosses and enjoy.
      btw how old are you?

  71. None says:

    Do I have to use all my SP before getting the lvl 55 job advancement for dual blade? Because when I did it, it said I had too much Sp.

  72. abadonation says:

    Is there any reason to even continue my pirate with the mech class coming out?

    • Smiley Jake says:

      Heeelll yes there is! Stock up on and scroll pirate equipment on your pirate now and A) Have awesome gear to use and B) Sell it on a fat margin after the mech’s come out!
      Big Bang=balancing of classes, too supposedly, so our damage should (our meaning everyone’s) be pretty equal.
      I’m pumped about my brawler, and I’m buying up cheap and suitable pirate gear in the FM right now.

  73. DSdavidDS says:

    I traded a 60% gfa for a 6 att WG. Was this a good deal?

  74. Cujo00 says:

    There’s some new content we’ve found out about and it sounds like it’s GMS exclusive!

    Sushi do you know anything we don’t already know about this? -Hime- can’t give us much info at this time.

    ~Credits go to Cujo00
    Btw I didn’t know where else to really ask this, if there’s another method of contacting you please let me know.


    • maplesushi says:

      I didn’t know anything about this before. >.<

      Also, comments are great for contacting me xD.

      • aqua says:


        evry one on that site commented like, “its a new class” and stuff, but really its just the introduction screen for maplestory V89, LMFAOLMFAOLMFAOLMFAOLMFAOLMFAOLMFAOLMFAOLMFAO

  75. YushXD says:

    What is the warrior boss? As in Marbas, Amdusias, and etc.

  76. Abadonation says:

    I got my game to finally work, but mad laggy on any ranged classes so im thinking about trying out a dual blader but is there to many of this class and will PQing be hard to join with so many of this class

  77. Tane says:

    Don’t know anyone asked this before, but i heard that wild hunter get critical from their beginner skill, is that true ? Or they only get critical from 4th job sharp eye.

  78. ReVersiv says:

    WTH Can somebody PLEASE help.
    I was just training at jesters and then suddenly i disconnected.
    i tried starting up the game again but when i choose a channel it jus disconnects me and goes “Disconnected from server please try again later”.
    I never hacked or did anything wrong.
    I tried searching my ign up on the rankings and it isnt there
    WTH jus happenedd?

  79. Abadonation says:

    When are ristiance classes be adding to gMS? and i figured out how to get Maplestory to work again =D thanks for ur site it helps alot

  80. Asura says:

    Hey Sushi is Nexon going to put a skill level block on Resistance’s skills that you can’t get them unless you buy the mastery books with NX?

  81. maplemage says:

    When resistance comes out on GMS will you make one? If so which one?

  82. Jet says:

    Hey sushi just want to ask. Does wildhunter and bowmaster share the same sharp eye skill book?

  83. Deluxe says:

    How do I get Potential Scrolls/Enhancement Scrolls?
    Do monsters drop these scrolls?
    If yes, what monsters?(noobish lvl)

    Thank you,

  84. Hope Persona says:

    When the Dual Blader || Battle Mage || Wild Hunter will release in maplesea!? I CANT WAIT!

  85. SeVeNxBreakR says:

    can you keep the cash shop blade forever?
    Luminous heaven blade etc? its in the package for dual blade. thanks sushi

  86. Abadonation says:

    Well, since the new dual blader patch i can’t log on to MS i keep getting error code i’ve reinstalled the game several times, put in three tickets, and restored my whole computer and still no luck. I’ve deleted hacksheild an hour ago to get 30 minutes of gameplay to claim my lvl 30 dualer =P…but it’s to risky and i don’t want to get my account banned i’ve had the tickets open since the release of DBS but no replys what should i do?

    (btw i got raped by Ravana so bad lol Pirates and Bralwers need some heal help lol)

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, I can’t play MS on one of my comps either. I use to be able to use it perfectly but after the patch it. When you press start, the screen goes black as normally then it just crashes.

  87. KH says:

    Do we get +1SP from every Dual Blade stage at Lv20, 30, 55, 70 and lv120 probably +3 SP?

    My friend noticed that we didn’t get +1 SP at lv20, well he was level 21 when he did the job advancement. And at level 30 he had an total of 61 SP. He didnt do the job advancement yet.

    According to the guides I have seen on the internet. On each stage they added +1. Which makes you have an total amount of 63 at lv30 if you have done the job advancement.

    Do you know anything about this? (gMS)

  88. dekusam says:

    hey man just asking, do you have an estimated date for BM and WH to come out in GMS?

  89. lvl30db says:

    hey i just created my db and im basically missing 2 sp because you dont have to do job advancements is there a sp guide that you know that solves the 2 sp prob as in works around it

  90. dxpsp says:

    idk but when i try to equip a lunar wg and bathrobe on my dualblade it says “this item to too low durability to equip, please repair this” i know i need to go to ppl like example:jm from the streetz. do i drag the item to repair?

  91. H20peter says:

    Dude, message me back on this thing cus i cant get my ms to work,it said re download and delete all previous files so i did and its still not working, if you know whats wrong please tell me. If not thats probably why i wont be on

  92. ShadowZxs says:

    DUAL BLADEZ R OUT!!!!!!!!!!! r u xcited???

  93. dxpsp says:

    are u pacific time or eastern?

  94. MAPLEADDICT says:

    Did you make this website by yourselves?

  95. dxpsp says:

    From the dual blades im been seeing some new stuff like a kungfu like robe and some masks. My question is thats are those recieved when making advancements?

  96. preston(ihero4envy) says:

    hey andrew dude i am having trouble keeping an account i was wondering if u had any recommendation on a job that iwll be good in future with revamp coming up and can bf at lvl like 130 and is pretty easy to train if u have any suggestions plz reply ty Andrew

  97. LordAvo says:

    I been looking everywhere but I can’t seem to find a good video/animations of the skills that a Thunder Breaker have. I ended up putting a point in Energy Blast and yet it don’t seem to be the skill that I thought it was. Seem to be just two punches where I thought it was more of a energy “wave” type of thing. Do the skill change with SP added or when you transform? At the current state IMO it not worth the SP for the short amount of range and energy bar requirement.

  98. Abadonation says:

    Hey do you think a lvl 56 gunslinger and a 52 brawler could solo ravana lvl 60?…how long would it take and how many bullets would should i stock?

  99. Freakanature says:

    What does it mean to leech?

  100. 626crow says:

    sushi i was wondering what is a rollback ive heard. Alot of positive/neg things bout it

    Btw have anytime when u press the logout button something just pops out and say ure the lucky winner congratz now pick ur prize and log in in 3 days

  101. Brenda says:

    Can i send something to another character in the same account that is in a different world? Example: I want to send a scroll from my character in galicia to my character in broa. Thanks a lot for your help!

  102. Muffin says:

    Can the Android set be storaged?

  103. Peter says:

    Hey bro, you mad about the DB being moved back a week haha i know youve been looking foward to it for awhile

  104. nighthawk says:

    do you have any sort of explanation about why nexon moved the release date for dual blades back a week just for some meso issues and all the lvl problems they are causing why dont they just replace the fake ones with real ones and ban the makers its not the innocent players fault and leave everything else alone.

    • maplesushi says:

      The reason it got pushed back is probably because of the meso exploits. Also, they can’t just replace the fake mesos with real mesos because many people just got bils of mesos. Also, you don’t know who are hackers. Hackers could of bought items from their owns stores, but Nexon wouldn’t know if it’s their own characters or if they were just collecting items.

  105. Owlett says:

    Hi Sushi!

    I had a question about the attack “Vengeance” for bowmasters. There are currently no known videos of it and the description for it is very vague. How exactly does this attack work? Is it a passive skill or some sort of powerful knockback skill?

  106. nighthawk says:

    with the dual blades coming out and all of there skills when your lvl 10-20 what should you max since some of your later skills as a dual blade require double stab needs to be maxed dark sight needs to be maxed and wouldnt it be helpful to max nimble body?
    please answer it would help.

    • maplesushi says:

      I’m not sure if they have nimble body frankly. I wasn’t sure, but I was positive they don’t have lucky seven. I would just add to Double Stab and Dark Sight.

  107. curiousboy says:

    Is it all blades used by Dual Blader require DEX? or maybe STR?cuz my friend is planning to do a pure one.Thx if u reply me back 😀

    • maplesushi says:

      They all required Dex at the same rates of the corresponding dagger. However, we never know if there will be dexless blades. I do know that in kMS, in their anniversary, they had new maple blades which were dexless.

  108. DSDavidDS says:

    How do you obtain a blade when DualBladers are released? I know you get the first one from achieving level 20, how aboutthe rest?

    I assume Gachapon or so?

    • maplesushi says:

      They might be sold from the stores in kerning like any other weapon. For high level blades, you’d have to hunt for them or make them with maker skill.

  109. carlpaul says:

    hey im got a question im listen they going to make weaker db so and overpowered dit on revamp patch so now is best db or dit after the revamp patch

  110. DSDavidDS says:

    Hey, remember how I asked about the acc formula?

    Basil says the following:
    “Okay… I don’t get this anymore. It has been proven that WHATEVER your accuracy is, you will hit 100% EVERYTHING at/below your level. Even more, it seems like accuracy doesn’t do ANYTHING to help you hit monsters above your level…. I don’t know why there are still so many skills that add accuracy, or why they even HAVE it… dang…”

    So What is gonna happen to my 80 Dex Spearman? Is it gonna be weaker than everyone else?

  111. David says:

    Hey Sushi I’m really hyped up for Db’s but, are they possible to level up to level 70( I’m making them just for the mask) with no Zhelm and just little funding like around 50mil?

    • maplesushi says:

      Yea, you can probably just do CPQ 1 and 2 to 70. However, before making the Dual Blade first check if the masks are transferable. Some people say they may not be and might be thieves only.

  112. boredj says:

    hey sushi where did you get your smily mask?
    and i heard theres other mask out there?


  113. 626crow says:

    Sept 1st 😦

    But time goes away fast

  114. Sean says:

    how much should i sell my crystal blade sword for???

  115. 626crow says:

    Tu for not kiking a btw tell arthur gz ok 180 and tell him to keep on

    And lets not forget u lol
    Gz on 176 hope u keep on man

    Ill be bak
    Hope u guys still active when i get there

  116. Muffin says:

    Hi, I have almost enough boosters to make an Android set, but I was wondering if they can be karma’d after they’ve been equipped the first time. I’m 50/50 on if I’ll be switching mains soon, who will happen to need the same stats I maker/scroll it with.

  117. Roldwin says:

    Are arans still stronger? when dbs come out??

  118. KuroDan777 says:

    Hey I was thinking of making a new character in Mardia but i dont know whether i should make a dawn warrior or a fighter.
    So what im asking is if you can tell me which is more fun by lvl 40( thats about as far as i get with any character)
    Also which is better for spearman:
    Hybrid,polearm,or spear user.

  119. 1OkRock says:

    Hello, Sushi
    I have one questiooon, if you don’t mind telling me, were else can you get that smiling mask? instead of showa town? i heard henesys is good.

    -Thank you!!! :]
    always on Top.

  120. MrWooHoo says:

    Sushi! Can i have a price check on a 17 atk scg in Broa

    Also a 2 str blue xmas sock!

    1 last thing! how do u use stimulators

    for example a dagger stimulator

    • maplesushi says:

      17 att scgs are about 1bil. The xmas sock…50mil? Also, use stimulators when you are using maker. There should be a slot for you to use a stimulator. Each stimulator can only be used for that item category, so dagger stimulators are only for daggers. Stimulators make the stats of the weapon you made at LEAST the average, but it can be higher, however there is a 10% of destroying the item.

  121. chris says:

    Do you have maybe an idea when resistance will come out on gms?

  122. Fate says:

    Ummmmmm, do you know how much a 1 att pac, 2 slots, 2 luk, u.h is

  123. regmsplayr says:

    one last question for now the dual blade prerequisite event features owl feathers that can give blades but from what ive seen no one can get one is there a bug/glitch preventing the owl tail feathers giving any blades

  124. ofir says:

    i wanted to ask… the DB haven’t got out yet but can i choose now an adventurer get rouge to lvl 20 and w8 for DB to come out and then become a DB or i have to choose DB in first place ?

  125. Ghost says:

    Will we ever get a new area in Masteria? (Iyo)

  126. Rob says:

    Where did you get the information on the dual blade masks because people I have talked to tend to think the masks are untradeable theif only items

  127. maplesushi says:

    Yes. That would seem logical.

  128. regmsplayr says:

    jsut quick question but i know that in kms you can take sp from lets says 1st job and put it into 2nd job do you think itll be the same in gms?

  129. jason says:

    Do you know any maplestory servers that are not private servers? thanks Shushi

    • maplesushi says:

      These are the different versions of MS: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, S.E.A (South East Asia), Global (USA and Canada), Europe, Brazil, and Vietnam. Not sure which one you’d fit under.

  130. David says:

    I read that the accuracy formula has been changed so that Dexless Warriors have higher accuracy and Regular have lower!

    My current Spearman has a 80 Base Dex so do you think this will greatly affect my Spearman when the BigBangPatch comes?

    • maplesushi says:

      Regular don’t have lower. It’s just that they don’t have as much. However, they just make it so basically accuracy isn’t a problem anymore as long as your are high enough level. You will probably deal less damage though.

  131. Natasha says:

    I am getting a laptop soon. I am planning to download maplestory. Also, It will have about 2 gb. is that enough to download it?

    • maplesushi says:

      2 gb? That’s very little. Remember it isn’t your memory. You need hard drive space. You need about 2gb of hard drive space at like 1gb of memory.

  132. julian says:

    do u think that global maplestory would work in south america? colombia to be more specific.

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, it isn’t suppose to. Global MS is only for Canada and America. I know some people from Europe and other places who use ip changers or whatever to get in. So, you wouldn’t be able to play Global MS normally.

  133. Sean says:

    what do you think about the DBs? Are they better than bandits,b/c i have a bandit and my friends say he sucks so i thought maybe i would make a DB.

  134. Amy says:

    Hi Maplesushi. I was wondering how much is a 25 luk Red Katte?

  135. David says:

    How long does the Adventurer Rings event last? It it forever or does it end when DB comes out?

  136. Anotherfish says:

    This question involves some speculation, but have you heard about the “revamp” in kmst that some players think will eventually come to gms?

    If you know what it is, then how do you think the 30 second cooldown period on mage’s ultimates (Blizzard, Meteor Shower, and Genesis) will affect their overall training and bossing?

    Because nobody knows whether this will even be implemented in GMS, I am just asking for a sort of
    opinion/speculation from your experiences.

    • maplesushi says:

      I believe if it is implemented into kMS, sometime later it will come to gMS. It will definitely change the way training is for mages and other jobs who may party train with mages. However, it might not exactly make training slower for new skills and training styles may be implemented. Also, experience formulas can change.

  137. Viralgaurdia says:

    I was wondering if u knew anything about the “hands” stat. my guild leader said it dealt with scrolling. i was wondering if u knew anything about it. (Mardia FTW)

  138. Raderman2 says:

    MapleSushi, I have a question.
    Remember that change your password every 3 months thing that Nexon installed? Well, I put a password in there, but then told my computer to remember it. I havent put it in for a long time because my comp remembered it, and I forgot it. Now I’m in Europe, and I have no idea what it was, but I want to find out. It’s saved on my laptop at home, so…
    Any way I can get it back? I dont have my birthday but I have my Full name and email. Thanks!

    • maplesushi says:

      What browser do you use? (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)

      If you search on google for your specific browser you should be able to find out, but you’ll have to go back home to get it.

      If you use firefox, when you get back home, go to Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords.
      Not sure about others and you’ll have to be at your computer unless you can get someone trusted to help you go on there and get it for you and tell you.

      • Raderman2 says:

        Oh my God…
        I’ll get my dad to do it, but…
        Dude, I love you. *hugs*
        Any way I can repay you? I’m also a guild leader, so I have control over many thingymajigs of people.

      • maplesushi says:

        What you mean by repay me?

      • Anonymous says:

        Waht you want?

      • maplesushi says:

        I’m not going to ask for anything. If you want to give me something, just say what you’ll give me I won’t decline it. Also, unfortunately I don’t accept donations anymore.
        If you want to talk this over, tell me your name of your main character and around what time and time zone you play. We can meet up 😀

      • Anonymous says:

        Aww… No more donations? :L
        Hmmm…. Im not quite sure. Is there anything you want? Packetblockers? Guineapig ninjas?

      • maplesushi says:

        What are those? o-o

  139. I2ushPoP says:

    Sorry to bargain but theirs no guide for the android set. i thought you would have forgotten. thanks.

  140. darketer says:

    dam sushi i rlly miss maple and it has been only 4 days i think

    and have u delete me of guild? hope not xP

    ill be on soon

  141. iLOVEmaple says:

    wat is the max lvl of dual blade???
    is it 200???

  142. Valckior says:


    I have a question on Guild Recruiting, I had just made a guild today not too long ago and I was wondering.What are some good ways of recruiting people(in game or out) without using Super Megaphones- or are the Megaphones the best way to get people,peferably people who aren’t inactive or rude.

    My Guild is named Theatrical and its in Bera if that would help anything

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, I don’t like guild which are just of random people. I personally would invite friends to my guild. Then, let them invite their friends and let the guild slowly grow. There is no need for such a large guild. Let it slowly gather more people and become more known.

    • ThatWasMyKil says:

      You could also advertise on sleepywood or southperry or basil for that matter, make sure to screen potential members as things can get a bit messy.

  143. Kinglui says:

    Hey do you know anything about whats gonna be for the pirate hero?

    • maplesushi says:

      What’s the pirate hero?

      • ThatWasMyKil says:

        I Believe Kinglui is making the assumption that there will be a pirate hero as there is currently Aran for warriors and Evan for Mages. the rumors of a pirate hero where started on southperry once they made the connection that there could be a hero class for every adventure class, but this theory has a few snags the first being that dual blades are not categorized as a hero class as many speculated. this was also fulled by a user on southperry(sarah) making a incredibly intricate back story that fits in with known facts. to her credit most was based on facts that we knew already but as of now as i am writing this comment there is no pirate hero class.

        If you want to do a bit more reading on the (possible) pirate hero class you can find info below. but as i said none of this is currently true.

      • maplesushi says:

        Well, Mechanic could be a pirate class I guess. Mechanics using guns would make sense.

    • regmsplayr says:

      actually i believe it was on spadows channel but some time ago they released the names of the 3 next heros and they will be pirate bowman and theif

  144. Cloud001600 says:

    hey ive been researching ahile as to if i should max elemental composition on my fire mage as opposed to maxing everything else. many guides say to max comp while others say its useless help me out?

    • maplesushi says:

      I personally would get elemental composition to 21 instead of 30 then max spell booster. It is sometimes better to have longer buff durations. Also, you rarely use elemental composition later. The only time you would use it is if there is a monster far away. However, with teleport, a very fast way of movement, you can easily tele there and use explosion. In 4th job, you will mainly be using meteor.

  145. TruthOrTruth says:

    In maple story they have made weopen rental right. I went to Cassandra and im level 70 and I tried getting the dragon tail from her. So i did the quest and I went to cassandra and i accidently got the claw instead. Can i do the quest again and how?

  146. I2ushPoP says:

    Sorry to ask, but were do you get plugs and wires?
    you should detail each mission for the android set :] like a guide yess.

  147. david says:

    sushi when does dual blader gets out in GMs

  148. 626crow says:

    i will be back on sept 1 -_- all summer in the caribean with my family

  149. TheCookieMS says:

    By the way is the Dragon Glasses event still on??? when you get your evan to lvl 30 you get Dragon Glasses.

  150. TheCookieMS says:

    What should i do cuz everytime when i go to Global MapleStorys site and press start game it goes to Europe MapleStory!!!! can you help??

  151. 626crow says:

    sushi just so u know i wont on afer june 25th and maybe be4 that but i will bak after summeer!! and better since ima come fresh lawl

    so please tell arthur not to kik from guild i like ur guild and dont delte me of ur bl

    ty sushi
    btw ill be gettin on ur site since i dont have to download that on other computrers

  152. Jeff says:

    Not sure if ya can answer this, but do you know how to get ms working fullscreen with fixed aspect ratio for people that have Nvidia gpu?

  153. dudehi says:

    0n galcia every time i try and select the w0rld the channel’s d0nt c0me up s0 i cant play ms. any suggesti0ns??

    i already sent in a ticket t0 nex0n but it will be like a week 0r 2 b4 they even get t0 mine pr0bally

    • maplesushi says:

      I heard that the galacia servers went down. Try logging in with a different character or to a different world. If it’s the same, you may have to redownload MS.

  154. 626crow says:

    i reset and it worked tyvm sushi xP

  155. 626crow says:

    sushi i have a prob

    the prob is that i press the ms start game and nothing comes out

    so i tryed deleting but it says program still running but i dont see it -_-

    confusing? i knoe

    but if theres any help itd be aprecciated

  156. iPanicPoP says:

    This is asking about the Android set, well when you get one of the parts like the headgear etc. Will the Armour be tradeable ? or non-trade.

    thank you MapleSushi. (:

  157. 19qwinn says:

    So I’ve heard both sides of this story, does Wild Hunter have critical? If so will this replace all bowmasters? Seeing as how WH’s have SE and do more/same damage as BM’s?

  158. Fye says:

    Do you know what the fastest class to lvl up to 50 would be? I’m thinking about making a cleric or f/p, but i’m not sure.

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, mages are pretty fast for 1st job (8-30). However, they aren’t very strong in 2nd job. They aren’t a bad choice. You can also try a fighter. They are pretty strong and they have a mobbing attack that can help them in the 2nd job.

  159. bill says:

    should i get a zakum hat if i’m level 80?
    i have 100 mil right now

    • thatwasmykil says:

      Depends what class you are, if your a mage then go for a targa helm or if you cannot afford that due to helm prices in your server go for a zhelm, and if you are a class that relies on weapon attack then go for a Scarlion helm.

  160. Fye says:

    Did the aran ring event already end?

  161. Derek says:

    Do you now if the resistance class is a limited time only class like dual bladers? thank you for answering =3

  162. kelvin says:

    my att is 456~803 , level 85. where should i train?
    and what equipment should i buy for a nw?
    my stats are
    91 dex
    453 luk
    and the rest are 20

    • maplesushi says:

      You should probably go try newts. Watch some videos to see where you stand. You have to make sure you barely get hit.

      • DeathInFire says:

        I gotta say I disagree with this, lvl 85nw with a low dmg range(no offense). newties would probably kill him in one hit, and it would take a extremely long time too kill even one newt. He should stay at windraiders inside the keep(Corridor Map).

        Lvl140 NL

  163. 626crow says:

    jq is no problem the problem is the elder wraith
    and im alrdy on the quest and bout to finish tough tho but anyways EW ohko’s me and idk how to pass em

  164. 626crow says:

    hey sushi whats that wld huntewr thingy and btw where can a lvl 70 ranger train i havent went to wr cuz idk how to pazz ew so can u tell me and ty for ur answer

    • maplesushi says:

      Wild Hunter is a new job that is coming out in kMS. It’s gonna be a while until it comes to gMS though. Wild Hunters use crossbows as their main weapon. A level 70 ranger should train at wind raider or maybe voodoos and hoodoos? If you finish the crimsonwood quest, you have pass the jump quest and get to WR pretty easily.

  165. Anotherfish says:

    Hi, again, sushi,
    I have a very trivial question for you:
    where do you find your buddies?
    by “buddies” I mean the trustable, reliable, etc. buddies.

    I have buddy problems; my only good friends are my guildies and a level 80 Dawn Warrior whom i’ve known since we were both level 12…

    everyone else sort of…drifts away from me after a few days.

    So, I was wondering whether you could tell me where(party quests, guild, training, etc.) and when(what lvl) you met the best of your buddies.

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, most of my friends are from my guild. My only friends really are guildies or old guildies. It doesn’t matter how many friends that you have, as long as they are trustworthy and helpful. Anyways, why are you looking for friends? Are you current friends not enough? Just try to make your existing friendships better, unless MS is really that boring nowadays for you.

      • Anotherfish says:

        Thanks, sushi; I was just wanting to ask because all of my other buddies and guildies(<most of whom are my great friends) seem to have ~15+ active buddies whereas I have around 7-ish buddies (including guild) that are my good friends.

      • maplesushi says:

        I only have like 10-15. It’s better to have a few good buddies than 15 active people on your BL that you don’t even talk to.

  166. Jrod says:

    yea 3rd my bad idk how 4 ended up in there

  167. Jrod says:

    Q: I’m on a vista and when I zak I dc at 4rd body. This started to happen after v.72 before that I could zak np. Any advice what things I could do to not dc or dc less?
    Oh also the zak body starts to disappear and all the images start to eff up.

  168. 626crow says:

    well i guess ill stay on newts

  169. 626crow says:

    hey sushi i was wondering are gobys and squids good for a 86 hermit newts is boring omg all day sniping

    • maplesushi says:

      It’s not that good for hermits. Gobies are more for warriors and chief bandits. Also, no matter where you train, it’s going to be boring. It’s a sad fact.

  170. M4DL1NL0V says:

    First I would like to ask for you pardon, I am posting large q?s here, this is much smaller one.
    Does monsters drop Maple Scorpio, if so, which monster and where in Galicia and Scania?, I lost my gage using a 30% scroll traded for leaves from admin, I want to scroll my Karstan, king pepe’s gloves, shoes, top, bottom, hat etc, I am a level 73 Aran in Galicia, my hp range 3.8k, mp 700+, weapon att87, 4slots, please give me your successful opinion.
    Where am I to buy scrolls and at what price?…please accept
    my sincere thanks in advance…! by the way can I know how long you are in MS and how old were you when you started mapling? you are incredibly knowledgeable about MS.

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, I don’t care about long questions. In fact, they are easier to answer. People often leave short, vague questions which I have no idea what they really are asking. First of all, if you are a level 73 aran, I would probably use a Maple Karstan instead of Scorpio. Not sure where they drop, but they should be kind of cheap. You can just try google or other search engines to find their drop location. Also, they should be the same for every world. For scrolls, you can buy them at the FM, however prices are different for every world. Find prices by walking through stores in the FM and finding a good grasp on the average price for a specific item. Also, use, and search scrolls, and you can find all quests that give that scroll as a reward.
      For equips. I would use a Maple Karstan as a weapon, Battle Lord (overall), shoes with speed (scrolled white bottomed shoes or red snowshoes) to help with training speed, and try to buy a zakum helm or scarlion helm if it is cheaper.

      For lots of these informations like I said, use Hidden Street. 100% safe and a very good database.

      Lastly, I’ve been playing MS for 3 years and have experience almost everything in MS. I don’t buy NX, so maybe that’s why I know all these useful tips.

      • M4DL1NL0V says:

        Was expecting more information on the types of scrolls for my Karstan, I blew up my gage(MapleGage) using 30% dark scrolls which I traded for Maple leaves from admin, I know you have experience in using scrolls successfully. Please give me your most successful story on scrolls and failures too, this way I can be careful as I cannot afford to spend too much, as I have said earlier I started with zero mesos and had to pick every penny from drops. I have one main Aran char who works so hard to keep his juniors well fed and dressed and is not rich, I have to make 100 million to give all the necessary stuff for all four charaters.
        I am very careful on buying stuff luckily bought a Karstan for 4 million, none was willing to part with less in Galicia, in Scania it costed only 3.5 million and had success in selling my stuff.
        In Galicia I haven’t sold many just one or two items only, I trusted a few gave my stuff for sale for a 25% profit, since then I haven’t heard from them, I gave them free stuff before making the deal to sell my stuff, still they are having trouble to keep their words, I wish them to be strong and hope they will find honesty is strength and breaching trust is a low self esteem personality no matter how beautiful they look outside, they will find out how ugly it is later on in life by then they would have lost their self esteem to a irrepairable degree and coming back is not easy.

      • maplesushi says:

        In determining whether or not to scroll, just look at the different scrolls. There is no “trick” or glitch. A scroll that says will work on a 60% rate, will work only 60% of the time. If you train a lot, I would try to scroll your weapon to making training faster and easier. If not, save up and maybe you can buy a pre-scrolled item. I ussually buy pre-scrolled items, because I don’t like to take risks.

      • M4DL1NL0V says:

        Please give me your most successful story on scrolls and failures too, this way I can be careful as I cannot afford to spend too much, as I have said earlier I started with zero mesos and had to pick every penny from drops. I have one main Aran char who works so hard to keep his juniors well fed and dressed and is not rich, I have to make 100 million to give all the necessary stuff for all four characters.
        I am very careful on buying stuff luckily bought a Karstan for 4 million none wanted to part for a fair price in Galicia, in Scania it costed only 3.5 million and had success in selling my stuff.
        In Galicia I haven’t sold many just one or two items only, I trusted a few gave my stuff for sale for a 25% profit, since then I haven’t heard from them, I gave them free stuff before making the deal to sell my stuff, still they are having trouble to keep their words, I wish them to be strong and hope they will find honesty is strength and breaching trust is a low self esteem personality no matter how beautiful they look outside, they will find out how ugly it is later on in life, by then they would have lost their self esteem to a irrepairable degree and coming back is not easy.
        Was expecting more information on the types of scrolls in general and a special for my Karstan, I blew up my gage(MapleGage) using 30% dark scrolls which traded for Maple leaves from admin, I know you have experience in using scrolls successfully.
        Can you share some of the success and failures please…!

  171. 626crow says:

    its not the surveys is that when i hit the earn free nx box blue box i think it comes with the same thing

  172. 626crow says:

    sushi in the new guid that happened to lvl 80-90?

    btw any ways u can help me to get to use the earn free nx thing cuz it keeps saying error code :idk

    i keep refreshing and dont work

  173. 626crow says:

    lol ty i found information and it said it took about 1-3 days to get fixed if it doesnt work rite away

  174. 626crow says:

    sushi im having abig problem
    tha problem is that everytime i loog in on maplesotry and press the channel i wanna enter it keeps saying

    ”this account is already logged in or serveris under inspection”

    any suggestion

    btw i went in on another acc and checked if i was gettin hacked and i wasnt on

    • maplesushi says:

      Does it work now? If it still doesn’t…try logging a ticket to Nexon. Also, you could post something on forums asking if anyone else has same problems. Personally, I’ve never heard of anything like that. Only for a small period of time, but after a minute or two, ussually it works.

  175. iStabBieber says:

    I’m trying to BPQ but i never get a timer, can you tell me the times?

  176. 626crow says:

    or training tactics

  177. 626crow says:

    maybe u can do a guide on ur experience in training spots

  178. 626crow says:

    i wanna knoe whut is insignias?

    • maplesushi says:

      insignas are for the Maple cake vs pie event. You get them if you participate in the battles. You get 1 insigna if you lose and 10 if you win. When the towns reach 500,000 pies or cakes, the boss will spawn and the battle begins.

  179. MrHoodoo says:

    So.. where did you find the images you’re using for the “My Guides” section on SW?

  180. 626crow says:

    lols on my opinion evan has changed my budget becuz ive made alot! of dex robes to sell and they just kept gettin cheaper and ppl keep tellin me its cuz of evan
    so ya they bad for the maple economy of dex robe/sauna sellers

  181. 626crow says:

    it would be nice if i had a bro playing ms wit me

    ty and gl on evan 🙂

  182. 626crow says:

    hey sushi i saw u today in maple

    • maplesushi says:

      That was my bro, but he told me about you. He said that you like my site and wanted more updates. I’ve been busy with Evan, but I will have more posts soon. Also, with the anniversary patch, I’ll try to cover all the new events.

  183. 626crow says:


    • maplesushi says:

      Lol, no idea. But if it’s true, that would be really bad on Nexon’s part.

      • ThatWasMyKil says:

        In KMS Dual Blades are a limited time only class, you can only make them for a certain period. people that play GMS are the ones that added on the then u have to buy it from cashshop joke at the end. though it is possible that they might do this.

  184. 626crow says:

    ty for everything btw and not saying that ure wrong but

    ppl aint buying these days so can u give me anohter price i can sell

    ty and ure great dude xP

  185. 626crow says:

    btw how much is 16 dex robe worth on mardia xP

  186. 626crow says:

    hey sushi i have a question

    why everytime i got to nx webpage and try to go to ”earn free nx” it always fail sayd theres an error

    and i wann aearn nx
    i tried refreshing but doesnt work can u help
    ty xP

    • maplesushi says:

      Since a lot of the deals are not “from nexon”, some of them may be bugged or just scams. I would just keep trying. Don’t be upset if a few of them don’t work. Also, make sure you fill EvERYTHING in.

    • ThatWasMyKil says:

      the Free NX survey have the same restriction as buying NX from the site. if you live certain areas that nexon deems “a risk” then it work. that said the system is flawed and works for some.

  187. Conor Capricorn says:

    Which sushi do you resemble?

  188. pinoysin99 says:

    Is it recommended to get a targar/scarlion hat when you get to the level required to wear it?

    • maplesushi says:

      If you already have a zhelm, no. But since they are now cheaper and are slightly stronger than Zhelms, yes. If you prefer the look of zhelms, you can just get a zhelm since the stat difference is minor.

  189. Vahn4444 says:

    Hello Sushi. Just saw your site and wanted to ask a question. I quin Maple a few years back and I have no idea how to become a Cygnus class or how to start out. Could you give me a quick review on how to become a Cygnus? Thanks!

    • maplesushi says:

      Cygnus are a whole new class. You have to create a new character that is a Cygnus. Create a character as you normally would, then select the select the Cygnus ‘column’ it should be the second one.

  190. SushiHelpMe! says:

    Can my nightwalker get an animal hat? (andras hat)
    if so could you tell me how and what quest?
    also how much is my 18 dex 1 slot bathrobe worth? (unhammered)

  191. T0G0dly4Moms says:

    I wanna know how can i get quick NX through the MTS,cuz i dont like spending money on NX,And i really wanna buy some NX cloths.I have 5m atm and i am a good level 74 aran.This is a sweet site and i will start using it often,Thanks!

    • maplesushi says:

      First of all, nx clothes = bad. If you wanna be pro, give up your style and looks and try to get some mesos that you can slowly work on later. I first began with bad equips, no cs items, and low mesos. Slowly I spent my nx and extra mesos on pots and 2x cards and got to 120. Once you reach 4th job it is much easier to make mesos. Selling helms, leech, equips, scrolling. At that point you will have a lot more “captiol” that you can invest and spend.

  192. Thien says:

    hi maplesushi i was wondering if u can give me some advice on whether to go 1 hander and shield for end game or a 2 hander. I about to make my reverse wep but the only problem is idk which to go for also i dont have an attack shield. and my base dex is 60

    • maplesushi says:

      When deciding which weapon you want, take these in mind:
      1) which you think looks cooler
      2) how much mesos you have
      3) how godly are you going to scroll the weapon
      4) *very important early on* how many shots it takes you to kill monsters

      1) Whichever one you think is cooler, consider that more
      2) If you aren’t as rich, go two handed since a high attack shield ussually costs a lot and without a high attack shield, 2h beats 1h
      3) If you are planning to go godly, 1h. If you aren’t because of the reason above, 2h.
      4) If you can 2-shot/3-shot the monster you train on with both 1h and 2h, go 1h because they are generally faster. Later on you can change your weapon to boss. By that time, you should have gotten enough mesos.

  193. Redouxx says:

    Hi Sushi,

    I was wondering if it was possible for a level 120 dawn warrior to solo Scarlion in the one hour time limit.

    At 120 I do average 20k+ with brandish and 30k+with final attack on (assuming final attack gets activated)
    I have around 7.6k hp

    =.= the answer is probably no but I would still like you opinion haha

    Thanks in advance!

    • maplesushi says:

      Sorry, probably not. The main reasons are because it has a lot of hp… Secondly, it does cancel weapon attack almost half the time. So.. if you calculate it, you have to expect you only would have 30 minutes. Lastly, you will still need 6 people to enter the map. If you get a party, you should probably be able to.

      Good luck in advance!

  194. Tilly says:

    sushi, im making an xbowman and i was wondering with the first job build, should i max the skill that adds accuracy or distance arrows travel?
    i assume the 2nd because of mastery adding accuracy, but i just wanna know what you think o.o

  195. real says:

    where did you gacha your smiling mask?

  196. jokersregale says:

    how do you get archaeologist glasses (permanent)
    i see a lot of people with it….i guess it’s easy?

    • maplesushi says:

      You have to kill monsters and pick up the items they drop. You had to be the top 10 with the most points after a week to get the permanent ones. I think the event is over now though.

  197. joni says:

    hi can u make a guide for ‘Joko’ exchange quest
    (in nlc deep place) ?

  198. darketer123 says:

    i havent been posting lately but i just need advice

    sushi since u got hacked i want to know advise cuz i got hacked too just 1 week ago

    they took absolutely everything and they left me with just a dex 2 and 5slot bathrobe and slime shoes

    can u gimme advise im soo lost only 49k woth me and no items
    and im not planniong to qui maplesotry after all my hard work heck! no!
    so plz comment ur advise and otherr ppl would comment too plz

  199. Osamu says:

    I was thinking what potion is the most recommended to use ?

    I have near 3100HP and 340MP .

  200. darketer123 says:

    i jus wanna knoe wat is the limit of the lvl on this new pq?

  201. Anotherfish says:

    Hi, sushie, im a level 66 i/l wizard in kradia.
    do you have any idea how i can find current scroll and item prices?

    Oh, and also I was wondering if you could give any recommendation for the quickest route to level 70.
    As in what route gives the fastest exp…cpq2, jr. selkies and slimies…..i dont really know.

  202. speed2 says:

    Dear Sushi,

    I know there are lot of questions filling up your website page but is there anyone else who comes to our rescue…? except you…! recently there was a character who came upto me pretending he was an admin, when I asked some questions he just slipped away saying he had quests to do, since there is an increase in hacking by spoil sports it is time now to change my password, the problem I forgot to write down the date of birth which I entered during the sign up process thinking this was similar to email sign ups, thought I could change the details in edit later on, but got held up in try to learn how to play the game, using a laptop and wireless connection. Frequent disconnections and disadvantages added to my gaming wores…not complaining…! since I learn always to cope up with what ever means available.

    I want to change my details in edit but get stuck with the date of birth, please get someone from Maplestory administration to contact me at my email address so that I can explain my gaming experience to them..please..!

    Today was one of the saddest days as I was not allowed by the server to log in, and I have no clue why..! this again isn’t a complaint, I really appreciate the opportunity given to me to take part in this extraordinary gaming community and enjoy the one of a kind almost real life-like gaming experiences which I haven’t seen in my childhood.
    Now I am able to enjoy this game with my child which is a way to communicate with him and to get to know him much better than a normal relationship.

    Please help me to get to know this Maple admins inorder keep my record straight with them so they will know me and not misunderstand me for this frequent dislogs and logins….

    Please convey my thanks to them and I appreciate your role as a great helper to the maplers, therefore I thank you too for your generosity.

    Waiting for your kind attention and positive response.

    • maplesushi says:

      First of all, I am the only one who works on this site atm. Also, I am not an admin of Nexon or MapleStory. About a week ago, my account was hacked. The pin was changed and I reset it and found out my character was hacked and my stuff was gone. In your case, I don’t know what to do. Without your birthday, you cannot change your password. You could try posting in the Nexon forums about this problem. Also, you can check the rankings to check if you got hacked.

      • M4DL1NL0V says:

        I don’t what to say to you that would comfort you, check this out for I just posted this:




        I get a “Your IP/location is undersuspicion” message everytime, the amount of mails from nexon clearly indicates that these spoil-sports are no good gamers they are just good at spoiling the maple life of others, this could be the reason I am having trouble logging in.
        Please give me more details of how to over come if “IP/location suspicious behaviour” where I have to fill the query form to get clearance, remember I have put in very, very long hours into my mapling, even now I have completed half of my target for the veteran hunter medal, and I don’t know whether I will enough time to complete within the allotted time.
        Please get me some very helpful information plus if you are in Galicia you can join me to complete this quest with me and I will help you back.

      • maplesushi says:

        You don’t have to tell me your new comments. This blog system has a very nice design and I can see all the new comments on any page, so save the hassel.

        For the message that you get is that from Nexon or from my site? If it’s from nexon, try googling to see if anyone else has. Also, do you live somewhere outside of US and Canada? That could be a problem. Global MS is only suppose to be for US and Canadian Citizens.

        Also, unfortunately I am not in Galacia. I play only in Mardia, sorry. If you train hard enough, you should be able to finish the quest. Also, you can ask friends or guildies. Having good friends and guildies is important. A friendship could take a few months to develope, however they will help you in the future and hopefully you will help them.

  203. dorkfacexx29 says:

    also can u tell me a little about the aran town RIEN i need some info about the town tried to tell me as much as u know (dont mean to bother u)

  204. dorkfacexx29 says:

    anyways, can u name all the npc that can be found in the town rien, i short-off need them

  205. dorkfacexx29 says:

    well i lose mine pin number i forget my 3rd one and 4th one. n i only know that the 3 one is from 0-5 wat can it be? also mine 4th one is from 5-9. wat cab they be???????? (give advice wat can the numbers be)

    • maplesushi says:

      try… XX05, XX06, XX07, XX08, XX09, then XX15, XX16….XX25, XX26, XX27….XX35… until you get it right. The XX are the numbers that you know. I know you only get a certain number of tries, but after some time you will get it.

  206. speed2 says:

    Dear Sushi,

    Thanks for all your tips, now I’m beginning to understand the game, it is the lagging that is spoiling my gaming experiences, the server too logs me out which gives makes matters worse as I’m already undergoing frequent disconnections.
    Now I’ve reached level 50 and have to activate the smash which is the pride of Aran’s mighty power. I don’t mind the late activation as long as it’s fun.
    The question this time is? How do I get Pepe’s polearm? The scrolls that I received after completing the Mushking Castle quest is not usable with “nine dragons polearm” therefore I must get “King Pepe’s polearm” please help me with this.

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, about the lag, maybe you have a firewall on or your computer is too far from your internet connection. These may help you run Maple faster. Otherwise, try a different computer.

      For Pepe’s Polearm, I believe you must kill the King Pepe’s (Gold, Grey, or White) and pick up the warrior box that it drops. Open it and I think there is a chance to get the polearm. You can also get scrolls, other equipment and pots.

      • speed2 says:

        I appreciate your tips very much, the boxes which I picked during the during the quest at the Mushking Castle after defeating the three yeti’s was not very rewarding. Had I known this earlier would have done more pq’s even after completing the quest, now I’m almost in lvl 50 in Scania and level 50 in Galicia, isn’t there any other way to get king Pepe’s polearm? If there is anyone who has the pole arm and want to sell it or exchange for something else let them please reply in this forum.
        You are right about the lagging, it’s due to the weak wireless connections which disconnects me from the server frequently giving the other players a negative impression about me and I’m unable to explain to them, by the time I relogin it’s history.
        Can anyone make false complaints that would lead to being disconnected by the server? should such things happen then what are the steps should I take to protect my place in Maplestory? please give me some details to clear my name from all misunderstandings. Appreciate your service very much and thanks for your kind attention and immediate response.

  207. xXCelentXx says:

    Hey Andrew, I know I quit and all, but I still do check sleepywood every once in a while….. anyways, just wanted to know why all of my friends lately have been getting hacked…. I suspect I know who’s doing it, but I wont add names, my only hint to you is he has a blue maple bandana recently… and is a cygnus character….

    well, that really sucks, still shows on the HS that you have your smiling mask so at least they left you that much.

  208. Tilly says:

    hi sushi,
    just wondering,
    why is everyone so obsessed with “wgs” and what are they anyway? sorry if this is a pathetic question, but i am really confused.

    • maplesushi says:

      “wgs” means work gloves. People aren’t neccessarily obsessed with work gloves. It is just because work gloves are the main glove that people scroll. This is because it is low level, common (any job can use) and easy to make. Most work gloves are scrolled with attack and that is why people want them. Unscrolled or clean work gloves are only about 50k. While a 10 att work glove is 100m+.

  209. dorkfacexx29 says:

    where is the best place to get a combo king medal

  210. Fai says:

    Silly question I know, but I’d like to know: What is more, +2 Magic Attack or +2 INT? I have gloves, one with each attribute, and would like to know which is better. 😛

  211. ExNightFaLL says:

    well ty for ur help about the trraning spots
    but a little about the merch o.O

  212. ExNightFaLL says:

    Hey dude i’m a 90 cb in Windia and training at typhons is such a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(hate typhons)
    do u know where else i can train????

    another question:
    And i’m kinda out of money and nx.Can u help me merch???
    and since there a bunch of scrolls buyers i can’t merch them.. help plz 😦
    or can u tell me on what item to merch?

    • maplesushi says:

      First of all, why are typhons such a pain? Also, you could try training at himes or gobys.

      And, I can’t “help” you merch. But, I can tell you some hints. I would sell the scrolls you have for cheaper prices, then maybe find out avg prices for scrolls and buy and sell. But, make sure you KNOW the prices right. Also, be aware of current events that may flucuate the prices.

  213. Nastia says:

    tnx for helping^-^
    you r good person=]]
    happy new year!

  214. Nastia says:

    Hey Sushi!
    ive heard that Nexon removed “Dashing Damsel” hairstyle..
    is it true?

  215. darketer123 says:

    ty 4 ur help
    now i hav over 400mil cuz i bought 25k nx

  216. darketer123 says:

    im lev 71 still and i already did subanis legacy and the evil eye one that gives meh claw att 60%

    • maplesushi says:

      There is a quest in ludi that gives you a 60% scroll of your job. The first quest in that quest line is The Brocken Clocktower and the last quest is Delivering a Pendulum. The quest line is A Delivery to a Lost Time and req. only lvl 33.

    • maplesushi says:

      You can also try hunting Leprechauns at Creeping Evil if you really need mesos. Also, make sure you don’t have much exp because you might die. Leprechauns drop about 1k mesos each and only have 3k hp. They also have a fast respawn rate. Each map has 2-3 and they respawn in about 5 seconds. You can easily get 100ks of mesos an hour.

      Creeping Evil is in NLC. Guild members or friends should be able to lead you to Creeping Evil.

  217. darketer123 says:

    any tips on how to make money i hav 10k nx but idk on wat to spend i dun wanna spend on those cool nx items cuz i dnt need
    so any tips on how to make money wit 5mil?
    comment plox
    ty 🙂

    • maplesushi says:

      If you want, you could spend the nx to get mesos through MTS. 5mil…I would do some quests, get some scrolls, then sell those. Check Hidden Street for which quests give good items. Also, what level are you? I might be able to tell you some good quests for your level.

  218. darketer123 says:

    ty 4 all ur replys sushy and btw i love the new aran build up

  219. Vand3rxiang says:

    hi sushi i m currently exploring barlog pq wif my fren. n i keep on dying by the reflection skill of barlog boss. so is there any tips to check out the reflection skill before it cast?

    any pre-skill sign or aniting??
    realli desperate here.

    Thanks in advance for ur reply

  220. alec says:

    hey i am a lvl 84 reli unfunded crusader scania i dont know where to train i hit from 4k to 5 on WS can u plz help me.

  221. Osamu says:


    I have a few question about my warrior.

    Currently Im using this :

    Clean Andras Hat
    Junior Adventurer Medal
    Clean Esmerald Earrings
    Bathrobe for Men (15 DEX/1 LUK/20 WD/9 ACC/13 SPEED)
    Clean Spielgelmann’s Necklace
    Pumpkin Lantern (6 STR/54 HP/71 WA/55 MA)
    Work Gloves (8 WA/2 WD)
    Clean Bronze Grieves

    -Is recommed to Scroll my Andras Hat with DEX (or and STR scroll till i reach 50 to buy a Zakum helm?
    -In what level will i need to change my sword to deal a deent damage? I saw a Glowing whip (71 ATK) for 49M is expensive?

    Thanks for your reply,

    • maplesushi says:

      So far you have good equips. The only thing you have to worry about is a higher att weapon and higher level. I wouldn’t scroll any of your hats, beacause one scroll costs almost 20 mil and can destroy your item. It i9s much better to spend your mesos where you can get higher damage without paying as much. Also, helmet str scrolls don’t exist. I would just get lvl 40-50 weapons via Maple Tokens in CPQ. I would only get a GOOD weapon at level 70+

      You can look at for more information.

  222. TillyTechno says:

    haii! i play windia as a fire poison wiz, lvl 41, and i was wondering, how much do wild eye gas masks sell for? its useless to me now as i can no longer go kill the boss you need it for (lvl 25 to 40s only)

  223. darketer123 says:

    another question y do heros woryy bout acc so much?
    btw i hav a aran so i need some help on warriors stuff
    so if any of u can post any details itll be nice and ty
    plox comment

    • maplesushi says:

      Heroes need about 140 acc to train and hit most bosses and like 170 for HT. Many heroes want to be dexless in order to deal the most damage, so they don’t have much acc. Heroes who aren’t dexless shouldn’t worry about acc much.

      Later on, I will make Aran guides, but I am still learning about them myself 😀

  224. darketer123 says:

    i got a question
    what char in ms is the best one to make money.
    i think is clerics but u tell meh
    plz comment ty

    • maplesushi says:

      I think it is hero or drk. Heroes arguably deal the most damage and are good at bossing. Therefore, they can sell bf leech or go on zruns and scarlion/targa runs. DrKs deal slightly less damage but have HB which is important for bossing runs, so they will often also be asked to go on runs.
      Clerics/Bishops are also good at making mesos from selling leech but is not as fast.

  225. darketer123 says:

    sushy do u play in mardia?

  226. darketer123 says:

    yea they r in the same world
    and i madde a new sin cuz my hermit is unfunded and hes only got 44dex and i cnt aford good dex equips but ima keep wit my hermit 🙂 ty

    • maplesushi says:

      np. Just try to level some more and use a skanda. Then, add some AP to dex. Don’t add too much, because at higher levels, you’ll just have to lower your dex back down again.

  227. Alex says:

    Is recommendable to start a character on a new world (Dementhos or the new Galicia) or play in a high-populated server (Bera)?

    Or maybe . Play in a high-pop world and then transfer to Galicia?

    • maplesushi says:

      I would recommend creating a character is a average world (kradia or mardia). High populated worlds are hard to earn mesos in and often you will be KSed while training. Low population worlds have very bad items and items will cost A LOT. You also won’t be able to merchant much.

      To your 2nd question, if anything I would transfer from a low-pop world to a high-pop world. First level up in a low-pop world. This way, you won’t be fighting for maps or bosses. Then move to a high-pop to sell leech or merchant.

      *you can merch in high-pop worlds, however you need a lot of mesos. so, if you are creating a new char, I wouldn’t recommend going to those worlds*

  228. darketer123 says:

    i hav a question

    i hav a lvl 71 hermit but i got scammed in mardia wit my 3sets ilbis
    so i made a new dude (sin) im lev 30 rite now but i wanna knoe the right choise should i keep on wit my lev 30 sin or keep wit my lev 71 hermit
    plus i cnt make no more chars cuz i alrdy made 3 chars so thats another reason i made another acc. plox commant

    • maplesushi says:

      If they are in the same world, obviously hermit. If both are in different worlds, I’d still stay with hermit because you’ll prob get to higher lvls faster since you’re already lvl 71. Also, your sin is going to become a hermit anyways. Only use your sin if he has A LOT of mesos.

  229. Yolu says:

    What is the best place for an unfunded bowman to train from 20-30?

  230. PWNA7 says:

    Ive been wondering, what should i train on? im trying to lvl up alot, and i hav a lvl 35 wind archer and a lvl 31 night walker. and then, im in GMS, so should I make an aran when they come out on Dec. 9?

    • maplesushi says:

      After seeing the movie, do you think they are cool? Also, I heard Aran have good damage, so it all depends what you like.

      Do you like cool skills, high damage, cool looks, or what?

  231. Fang7 says:

    hey, i happen to click on your site when i was searching for explorer medals. and i wanted to say that you put alot of effort in your web. hahaa. i wanted to know, are you a GM?

  232. Carlos says:

    Hello again,

    I know, you have to be tired of all questions, but i thinked well and i made a decision to create a new account but now a Warrior (now i’m level 16) . What job is the most fun in training? Should i cape my dex at 30 or be dexless? (I have ~200M on a non-used account) . Will i need to buy AP resets when i will be level 100 because warriors don’t too much MP?

    Thanks for advance for your reply,

    • maplesushi says:

      Hi, I’m not tired of you questions 😀

      Well, first of all, you might want to try out Aran if you play gMS (Global MS). It comes out on December 9th. If you click cassandra, you can see a movie/preview of it. If you really want to be a warrior, I would have about 25-40 dex. dexless warriors cost a lot (more than 200m, sorry) and high dex warriors (+70 dex) are very weak compared to other. However, if you are planning on being a hero and want to use stonetooth you will need about 50 base dex because it requires 120 dex to wear it.

      About the AP resets, I would not buy any. First of all, they cost a lot for a little amount of change. If you are unhappy about your mp, don’t worry, because it doesn’t really matter. If you have 1.5k mp, you will still use normal pots (lets say +1k mp). If you have 1.2k mp, you will still be using the same pots. Having a high amount of mp doesn’t matter for warriors. HP is much more important, but I would still not advise HP washing (adding AP to HP, then using AP reset to move MP points to STR or DEX) because it costs a lot of nexon (3.1k per reset [1 point only!]).

      • Carlos says:

        Hello again,

        Thanks for the reply. I decided to play a classic warrior choosing hero for the 4th job (if i reach LOL)(I dont like Aran for some reason) .
        Well, as i know, you’re an hero right? Having 50 base dex . Will i need to scroll some equips to have a decent accuracy? How much acurracy on equips will i need? I have Pumpkin Lantern weapon.

        Thanking for your reply,

      • maplesushi says:

        I am also a hero, so good choice 😀

        I currently have 4 dex (dexless) but i have good green neos pants which are 21 dex, 14 acc and cost around 750mil. For an avg hero, I would advise 30-40 dex. At lvl 120+, you will need a total of 140-150 accuracy. Zhelms add about 35 acc, MoN 15 acc, earrings about 10 acc. Just calculate how much accuracy still you will need and add about that much dex.

        Also, 1 dex = 0.8 accuracy for warriors.

  233. Carlos says:

    I’m level 33 . What monster should i train using 2X Card + the event of the next weekend?
    I cant do CPQ.

    • maplesushi says:

      What job are you?
      If you comment again with your job, I can give you a more detailed answer.

      But, for most jobs brown/pink teddies or sakura cellions (also good for mesos) is good.

      • Carlos says:

        My char is an assasin . Adding, Should i cape my dex on 60 or less (currently is 48)?

      • maplesushi says:

        Well, for assassins your dex should be around your level. Just make sure you have enough dex to wear all your equips. Thats basically all that matters. Other than for equips, dex is basically useless for thieves.

  234. Alex says:

    Hello again,

    Thanks for the previous reply. One more question, if i buy 2X Card of Experiencia and I’m in a party. The 2X Card is shared for all members( in other way, the members of the party have 2X too?)


    • maplesushi says:

      No, unfortunately the card only works for you. If you have a card and are in a party, YOUR Bonus Party Exp and Exp from other members will also be doubled (obviously including the monsters you kill). However, the party exp your party members gain, when you kill a monster still WON’T be doubled. So, if you want your whole party to have 2x exp, everyone must buy a card.

  235. Kain95 says:

    how much can u sell a witch hat or witch scroll for?

    And can u plz explain that new line of quests that came with the update more, such as can the equips be transferred to ur ck n worn as well?

    • maplesushi says:

      1) A witch hat is ussually 5-7mil. The normal witch scroll is about 5 mil also. Witch’s belt scrolls are about 100mil.

      2) I am currently working on a character to finish the quest line. Currently I am level 23 and I have gotten the warrior hat. I need lvl 25 to continue with the quest. Once I am finished I will definately post it. So far I have found out that there is a hat, glove, shoe, and weapon for each job. Also, they are all untradable but karmable. Also, each job has a different quest line, so I will only have the warrior one posted soon. The others you will have to wait for.

      So far I know the stats of the hats and gloves. The hats give +12 to the main stat for that job, except the pirate hat gives +6 str, +6 dex. All the hats also give +8 accuracy. The main good equip from this quest line are the gloves. They each give +2 to the main stat (pirate gives +1 str, +1 dex) and have 8 slots each. Hammmered they will have 10 slots. This will make prices for work gloves, stormcaster gloves, and brown work gloves drop severly, so if you aren’t going to be training anytime soon, I would sell of your att work gloves and hope to buy them back later for a lower price.

  236. Alex says:

    How many packs of throwing stars is recommended to have for an assasin lvl 49?

    • maplesushi says:

      if you are just pqing, 4-5 sets is good. lmpq doesnt really need a lot of stars since you go in and out every 3 mins or so. CPQ doesnt either. If you are planning on training, you will need at least 6 sets.

  237. dmac says:

    yo sushi its devil sup uhm how long does damian gotta stay at WS to find an ilbis hit me back

    • maplesushi says:

      First of all, there are a few factors.
      1) On his bishop, or what job and lvl?
      2) Does he ‘ohko’ (one-hit-k.o.)
      3) Is he killing for ilbis or for exp (he might not see if they drop)

      Well, for Arthur (DLastSpartan, DrK), when (he was about lvl 80) he use to train at ws with a priest, they ussually got an ilbi every 4 hours or so. For a bishop who ohkos, it’ll probably take 2-3 hours.
      You can also check online for what other people say like this basil market topic:

      but it really all depends on luck.

  238. blckbltmike says:

    Do you have to be a knight to do the Halloween quests. If not how often does the blue box appear in Sophilllia’s bedroom

    • maplesushi says:

      No, you don’t have to be a Cygnus Knight if that’s what you’re asking. If the blue box isn’t there, try changing channels. Also, that map shouldn’t have any monsters. If it does, it’s probably the wrong map.

  239. Mimichama says:

    Thanks for the fast response. One of my maple buddies said something similar as well.

  240. Mimichama says:

    How much are Witch’s Special Stew (potion created by Malady) worth in Mardia? Thanks in advance 🙂

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