Tespia comes to Global!

August 3, 2010

You may have heard of the new server, Tespia. It isn’t just any server and it is “invite-only”. But, what’s so special about it?

Well, Tespia is the “testing” server for gMS. They will be able to try the new event or items before anyone else. They also get special bonuses such as better exp and drop rates and I believe free NX! Of course, you can’t bring this back to your normal MS character. However, you can copy your existing character there, but then from now on the two character and accounts will not be connected.

The real reason I made this post is that I don’t have a Tespia account and unfortunately wasn’t invited. To further help this site and its developement, if anyone would be willing to share with me or give me an account that has been invited to Tespia that would be great. I would prefer it is not your main account since there may be problems if we both logged in, but if you have a quit account, a mule account, or just some random account that has made it in and will be willing to let me use it, please contact me in MapleStory. Make a new character in Mardia and find either IVLapLeSushi or iFoundASushi. I will be on either of those. Also, you could leave a comment here, but don’t just leave your info since someone else may take it. I can also give some compensation for helping me in either mesos, items, or NX Cash. Thank you.


Peanut Machine

July 28, 2010

After the July 28th server check, we will be receiving the peanut machine. This will be an event and will not last forever.

The peanut machine is simple. The peanut machine gives two items everytime you use it!

To open a peanut, you need to obtain 1 peanut which is dropped from monsters and a peanut machine which can be bought from the cash shop 1.4k nx.

> Click the peanut machine then drag the peanut into the slot to open it. Each Peanut Machine can only crack open 1 peanut!

The UI should look like this after click the machine.

What are the prizes? Well, you can get scrolls, mounts, chairs, and certain new exclusive items.

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Explorer Event Extended For One Week

July 16, 2010

As you are now probably well aware, MapleStory had an unscheduled maintenance on July 14th during which the Explorer Rings you earned on July 11, 12, or 13 were lost.

Though we cannot retrieve the lost rings, we are reopening the Explorer’s Ring event for a week from July 21st to July 27th to help make up for your loss.
We wish to see you earn back your ring and hope that the ongoing 2x EXP and Drop event helps you get it back faster.

Thank you for being patient with us throughout the ordeal.

Seems like Nexon will be letting us have another Explorer Ring Event for 1 week. Problems are that it doesn’t start til the 21st, the Dual Blade Patch. So, you won’t be able to start now. The main question now is whether or not leveling a Dual Blade would count for this event now.

Meso Exploit and Dual Blade Launch Date Change

July 14, 2010

New Dual Blade Launch Date
Unfortunately, addressing this issue impacts our game development schedule, and so we’ll be pushing the Dual Blade launch date to Wednesday, July 21st. The additional time ensures that we are able to fix the current issue, and fully prepare for the Dual Blade update. We know how much our players have been looking forward to the launch of Dual Blade. We’ve had a lot of fun working on the update events, the Q&A and other activities, and we’ll continue to work to ensure a smooth release next week.


We know that the downtime, the update delay and the bug itself is bad for our players, and so we’ll be offering a mix of compensation and events that all players can participate in.

— Cash item extension
— 5,000 Maple Points for users that logged in between 7/11/2010 and 7/13/2010.
— The Golden Temple will be available for one extra week. Golden Temple ticket items will also be on sale for 20~25% off.
Vega’s Spell will remain on sale for one extra week.
One A Day Sale will also be extended for a week. Make sure to check out the daily item!
— 2x EXP and Drop events on the following dates:
a. Wednesday, July 14th  12 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
b. Thursday, July 15th  12 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
c. Friday, July 16th  12 PM – 6 PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
d. Saturday, July 17th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)
e. Sunday, July 18th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)

Meso Exploits

So what seems to be happening is that certain hackers have found a way to “generate” mesos. You can see an example of it here which I easily found just searching youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVFkaDgjelk. I remember yesterday seeing people in the FM randomly saying “Buying Rash’s Furballs”. Now I understand. Basically, these hackers have been buying up items and NX with their generated mesos and the FM has been a mess. Prices have gone up and random equips are being bought like crazy.

The server check recently seems to be trying to fix this. They seem to have just “rolled-back” all the server. If you search your character on the rankings, I bet you will find all your recent training has been lost. If you log in, Nexon should have refunded all your Nexon that has been spent. Hopefully, when we get back everything will be fixed, but all our work for the last few days would still have been wasted.

I think the rollback is about 3-days. So, the server will be restored to a time during Sunday. That is because I know what level I was that day and because if you go to the Dual Blade Launch site, notice it says D-3, 3 days until the Dual Blade Launch. Obviously it hasn’t been updated or else it would be D-7 since the new patch is on the 21st. So, the servers not are set to 3 days before the supposed patch, July 11th.

Explorer Event

Many people are curious whether or not the explorer event is still going on. Unfortunately, the event is detailed as , as you can see at the post. Also, they did not mention that event being extended in the compensation. Many of my friends got to level 50 yesterday and now on the rankings, they are still level 2x. Sadly, I am not sure if you will still be able to get the explorer rings. Hopefully, they will extend that too.

The one thing that annoys me the most is that all the extended events are NX-Related. Golden Temple Tickets…you have to pay Nx Cash to enter. Vega’s Spell Scrolls, another Nexon Item. One A Day Sale, another cash shop event. Doesn’t seem like Nexon is really trying to help us, just trying to get more money from us.

Chaos Zakum and Horntail Coming Out July 14th

July 9, 2010

For Chaos Zakum and Horntail stats and info on spells and summons click here!

It’s true! Chaos zakum and horntail will be coming out in gMS on the July 14th patch.

These are the stats of the new items that will be dropped. %HP and %MP add that much % HP and MP.

For the more info and the stats of the new chaos zakum and horntail go to my previous post here.

Bad News for Dual Bladers

July 9, 2010

Just read the Dual Blade Q&As and saw this:

Q: Will the Dual Blade Cash Shop shareable with Explorers?
A: Dual Blade characters will not be able to share their Cash Shop.

Q: Can Dual Blade characters enter Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest?
A: We haven’t made changes to the Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest to allow additional classes. Only the main Explorer classes will be able to participate. This does not mean that this will remain this way forever. 😉

This will really affect the number of Dual Bladers and the number of people interested to. No CWKPQ means no MoNs which is a lot of useful damage. Also, with dual pendants coming out soon, this would be huge.

Also, no sharing cash shop means no xferring your nx clothes or pets. 😦

See the Q&As here.

Dual Blade Q&A Part I

Dual Blade Q&A Part II

Dual Blade Lasts Forever!

July 6, 2010

From Dual Blade Q&A (http://forum.nexon.net/MapleStory/forums/thread/4998633.aspx)

Q: Is the Dual Blade class only available for a limited time?
A: No, Maplers will be able to make Dual Blade characters forever!

I guess we won’t have the same thing as kMS. We will have dual blade forever. It doesn’t really affect most people, but now if you mess up your build or your skills, you don’t have to worry, because you can always make a new character.

Also, it is comfirmed we are getting a free character slot.

Q: Will players be given an extra character slot to make a Dual Blade?
A: The maximum number of character slots will not be increased so Maplers that have not maxed out their character slots will receive an new character slot.