Magnifying Glasses and How They Work

July 20, 2010

In v88 of gMS, we will be receiving magnifying glasses! When a character reaches level 10, each character will receive a magnifying glass.

So, magnifying glasses are somewhat like scrolls except they work 100%, don’t use a slot, and give random stats. Here is a quick guide I found to magnifying glasses. It also has info about enhancement scrolls, but we are not sure if that will be out in gMS yet. The direct link to the guide can be found here:, but for now, here is the exact guide. It is NOT made by me! All credit goes to Sum_Punk (LumberMill)

Explanation of the Item Rating and Enhancement system
  • Item Rating System
    1. Required Knowledge
    2. Item Rating process
    3. Item Rating FAQ
  • Enhancement System
    1. Required Knowledge
    2. Enhancement process
    3. Enhancement FAQ

Item Rating System

A. Required Knowledge
Before I explain how this system works and how to use it, you will need to know about these items and general information;

70% Potential Scroll;
This scroll is used to make your item “unidentified”, and it can drop from any monster. The only thing potential scrolls do is give your item the “unidentified” status, nothing else. This scroll has a 70% success rate, if it fails will blow up your item, consumes no scroll slots, and is trade able.

90% Potential Scroll;
This scroll is used to make your item “unidentified”, and only drops only from Zakum, Horn Tail, and Pink Bean. This scroll does the same thing as the 70%, except at a 90% rate. There is no other difference. This scroll will also blow up your gear at a 100% rate if it fails, consumes no scroll slots, and is trade able.

Magnifying Glass;
This is an item sold by NPCs in game for mesos, I wont list which NPC’s sell them in this guide because this system is not in GMS yet and everything is subject to change. This item is used on a “unidentified” item to determine what rank and what bonus stats it will have. The stat bonuses the item can give depends on the type of gear. This consumes no scroll slots, cannot fail, and cannot break your item.

Miracle Cube;
This is a Cash Shop item. You use this cube after you have identified your item but want to reset the stat bonuses on it and return your item to unidentified status. This consumes no scroll slots, cannot fail, and cannot break your item.

Item Ranks;
Items come in several different ranks. An “unidentified” item will have a red border around it, this means it is ready to be “identified” with a magnifying glass. After you have identified your item with a magnifying glass, the border color around it will change to reflect the rank it’s been assigned. The color of the item name has nothing to do with it’s rank. Here is a quick summary of what color corresponds to the item’s rank;

Common item: Transparent Border (ie. everything you Maker, or already exists)
Unidentified item: Red border (item drops after patch, or potential scrolled items)
Rare item: Blue border
Epic item: Purple border
Unique item: Yellow border

Item level bonuses;
Now depending on the level of the item you want to identify, you get increased benefits for the higher level your item is. Here is a quick summary of the increased benefits in relation to what rank the item is;

Lvl 1 to 30: Rare = 1%, Epic = 2%, Unique = 3%
Lvl 31 to 70: Rare = 2%, Epic = 4%, Unique = 6%
Lvl 71 or higher: Rare = 3%, Epic = 6%, Unique = 9%

You can gain a higher percent of a certain stat depending on the rank of your item. You can also gain multiple stats depending on the rank of your item.

B. Item Rating upgrading process
Now that you know about the items and information involved, I will outline the process itself.

  • 1. Get a piece of gear you want to scroll using the Item Rating system. If you got the piece of gear from a monster, it has a chance to come unidentified. If your item is not considered unidentified, you will need to use a 90% or 70% potential scroll on it to make it unidentified before you can proceed. If the scroll worked, your item will be outlined in red.
  • 2. Now that you have your unidentified piece of gear, you will need a Magnifying glass to change your item from unidentified to identified, assign it a rank, and assign it some stats. As of now in KMS I believe these are sold by certain NPCs for mesos, but this could change in GMS.
  • 3. Use the magnifying glass like a scroll on a piece of unidentified gear(an item outlined in a red border). The magnifying glass will reveal 2 or 3 stats, and will assign your item a rank. Refer to the above table of rank explanations. You will recieve no less than 2 stats, but no more than 3 on your identified item. Higher leveled pieces of gear have a higher chance of revealing 3 stats and having a higher rank assigned.
  • 4. At this point you will be happy, sad, or going wtp concerning the stats or rank that were identified on your item. If you got a crap stat or rank, fear not! Nexon has offered a solution to reverse the effects via a Cash Shop item called a Miracle cube. The compan-err Miracle Cube will revert the items post-magnifying glass identified status back to unidentified and erase the identified bonuses. When you use the cube, an interface similar to the one viscous hammers use will come up. You place the item in the box, and the bonuses will be erased and rank reset to common.
  • 5. If you’re happy with the stats and rank that were identified on your gear, congratulations on your cool new piece of equipment! đŸ™‚ If you are not satisfied, go back to step 4. I have included a picture to visually illustrate the steps in this process.

*Click to Zoom In*

As you can see in the first item picture, the item is considered Common, in that it has no colored border yet.
You can also see once it’s been unidentified using a scroll, the border outlines in red, meaning it is ready to be identified.
In the final picture the border around the item is blue, meaning it is a rare item.

C. Item Rating FAQ

A: Not completely useless, no.
Godly higher leveled gear will be more desirable, though. The system places more emphasis on using high leveled class gear, and is shying away from low leveled common class gear. Is this going to kill godly saunas or brown work gloves? No, it wont. A 27 atk BWG is still a 27 atk work glove, a 50 Dex sauna is still a 50 dex sauna, 10 atk stomper is still a 10 atk stomper…and I could go on. All this system does is make sure that you can finally start using your cool looking class gear and not be gimped =]

Q: What gear slots can you scroll with this new system? What stats can you scroll your gear with?
A: Ah, I’m glad you asked. All slots except Medal and shoulder can be scrolled with this new system. I will paste the gear slot and stat list here;

Hats – Stat %, Self-Mystic Door(the skill), Chance of showing an Emotion when hit, Stats(static numerical stats), Accuracy, Avoidability, W.DEF, M.DEF %, Chance of recovering HP/MP), Ignore monster’s attack/damage.
Face accessory – Stat %, Accuracy, Avoidability, W.DEF, M.DEF %, Recover HP/MP per second, Max HP/MP
Eye accessory – Stat %, Accuracy, Avoidability, W.DEF, M.DEF %, Max HP/MP
Tops/Bottoms/Overalls – Stat %, Self-Hyper Body(the skill, but for any class), Chance of Invincibility when hit, +1 ~2 of a skill, Chance of recovering HP/MP, W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidablility, Accuracy %, Chance of Autosteal (No idea what this is though), +% of a potion, Reduction of a curse’s duration (Seal, slow, etc.), Max HP/MP
Shoes – Stat %, Self-Haste(the skill, but for all classes), W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Chance of avoiding an attack, Max HP/MP
Gloves – Stat %, Self-Sharp Eyes(the skill, but for all classes), W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Chance of recovering HP/MP when attacking, +% of a potion, Max HP/MP, Chance of Autosteal
Cape – Stat %, W.DEF, M. DEF, Chance of avoiding an attack, Max HP/MP, +1~2 of all skills
Earrings – Stat %, W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Max HP/MP
Belt and Rings – Stat %, W.DEF, M.DEF, Avoidability, Accuracy %, Max HP/MP
Weapons – Stat %, W.ATT, M.ATT, Total W.ATT %, Total damage %, M.ATT %, Ignore monster’s W.DEF/M.DEF at a certain percentage, 20%~30% bonus damage when attacking a boss monster, Chance to recover HP/MP, All skills +1~2, Max HP/MP, Critical damage, Chance to freeze/poison/seal/slow/blind monster

Q: Do the Percent bonuses from gear apply to your base stats (like Maple Warrior), or all stats (stats after maple warrior and gear bonuses)?
A: The percent bonuses from gear apply after Maple Warrior and numerical gear stat bonuses.

Example; You have 100 base luk. You use lvl 20 maple warrior. Now you have 110 luk. 100 base luk and +10 bonus luk. You equip two pieces of gear with 9% luk on each of them. The percents from gear combine to 18% to increase the your stats. So, 18% luk of 110 luk is 19. So you would have 129 luk total.

Q: So can potential scrolls be used on ANY items? Or only items dropped from monsters?
A: Potential scrolls can be used on any piece of equipment (aside from medals/shoulders). It doesn’t matter where the piece of gear came from, if it has been scrolled, has 7 slots, 2 slots, or is painted pink with polka dots; potential scrolls don’t care.

Q: What do the “+Skills” on top/bottom/overalls mean?
A: The skill that you have on your gear will act like it had 1 or 2 more points put into it. It will work the same way Combat Orders works, and the two do stack.

Q: Well what should I do about my gear? Should I sell it or keep it? Should I be investing in other stuff?
A: Another good question. With these new systems, more emphasis will be placed on higher level gear. In general, you will want to sell items that are not 70 or higher. 70+ items will yield a much bigger increase in stats than low level gear will, and the worth of godly low level gear will decrease as more people start scrolling godly high lvl pieces.

You may want to start buying godly gear that do not have high level pieces available for their slot. Eye Accessories, Face Accessories, and Rings fall under this category. Because there are no high leveled items of these categories(save for Goggles for eyes, but they only have 3 slots opposed to raccoons 7), the items that are currently released will still hold their value after the patch hits. Plus, the raccoon maskes are lvl 45+ items, so they get a decent bonus from the new system.

If you are the investing merchant type, I suggest scooping up all the White Scrolls, 50% scrolls, 30% scrolls, and above average maker’d equips that you are able. These items will be in extremely high demand when people are beginning to scroll their new gear. This is your chance to make a huge profit.

If I find anymore good questions, I will put them here =]

:shine:Enhancement System:shine:

A. Required Knowledge
This system will require a little bit of explaining as well. This system is not the same as the potential system. Each of these methods of upgrading have nothing to do with the others (this includes the classic way of scrolling). The Enhancement system is a bit more simple and straightforward than the potential, so there are only two items you need to know about.

Equip Enhancement Scroll 100%;
This scroll in particular drops only from bosses. It’s success rate starts off at 100%, but the chance of success it has decreases depending on the number of stars the item it’s scrolling has. This scroll can only be applied to items with 0 scrolling slots left. You can still use this scroll on items with 0 slots even if they have 2 Vicious Hammer slots available. This scroll is trade able.

Equip Enhancement Scroll 80%;
Now this scroll can drop from any monster. It does the exact same thing as the 100% version, except has a smaller chance of succeeding. This scroll is also trade able.

These new scrolls act exactly like a chaos scroll, save for a few things. I have outlined what these scrolls will do and what they dont do;

What these scrolls do;
Can add an entirely new stat to an item
Can increase the amount of stats an item has
Can be used on any piece of equipment (except medals and shoulders)
Chances to work decrease depending on the amount of stars your item has
Blows up your item at 100% rate if it fails

What these scrolls do not do;
Take away item slots
Take away stats

Everytime either of these scrolls work, they add one star to your item. The star only indicates that the scroll worked and doesn’t do anything else. If you use another Equip Enhancement Scroll on the item, the chance of success decreases depending on the amount of stars your item has. But, the amount of stars your item has also increases the benefits you get when a scroll works. Here is a picture of the 80% common monster scroll in game outlining the Star to Chance ratio with the amount of stars being on the left and success rate being on the right;

B. Enhancement system upgrading process
The process itself is very simple.

1. Get an item that has 0 upgrade slots left. Nothing else about the item matters. Even if you have vicious hammer slots available, as long as it says Upgrade Slots Left:0 you can use either of the scrolls on your item.
2. Use the scroll on your item. If it worked, you will see a star above your item’s name and some of the item’s stats will have increased. If not, your item broke. Here is the process in a picture;

As you can see, a star appeared above the item’s name, and the DEX and W. Def increased. Now if he uses another 80% enhancement scroll on this overall, the chances of success goes down to 70%; but the benefits will increase should the scroll work again.

C.Enhancement FAQ

Q: Where do these scrolls drop from?
A: As far as I know, the 100% enhancement scrolls drop only from bosses. The 80% scrolls drop from all monsters. What are the exact drop rate of these scrolls? Not sure.

Q: Are the stats gained using these scrolls based on the item rank like the Potential System?
A: No, nothing will increase the amount of stats gained or the chance of success of this scroll.

Q: What stats can this scroll grant?
A: It can increase the amount of stats already on your gear, or add an entirely new stat to your gear. I don’t believe this scroll can add percentages like the potential system can, but new evidence is springing up all the time. I could be wrong đŸ™‚

If I find anymore good questions, I’ll post them here =]

Spadow for information on these systems and for the pictures I used.
Friends of mine who helped make this guide better! (you know you guys are, you chinchilla lovers ;))


Dual Blade Training Spots

July 4, 2010

Here is a list of where I would train at for dual blade.

Levels 1-10:

  • Maple Island Quests

Levels 10-20:

Levels 20-30:

Levels 30-40:

Levels 40-50

Levels 50-60

Levels 60-70

Levels 70-80

Levels 80-90

To be finished.

Dual Blade Teaser Site Release!

June 30, 2010

On the MapleStory website, right in the center they added a new link to the new Dual Blade Website! I guess Dual Blade WILL be coming out in July (21st).

The direct link to the site is

Here’s what it looks like.

Here are some previous guides that I’ve made that can come in handy for Dual Blade.

Good luck! Read these to know what dual blade is all about before it’s even out!

Spirit Diviner, Soul Conjurer, Soul Guardian, and Saint Exorcist Medals

June 28, 2010

This is a quick guide to getting the Spirit Diviner, Soul Conjurer, Soul Guardian, and Saint Exorcist Medals. Some of you may want the Saint Exorcist medal but not see it under available medals. That is because you must first complete the previous title quests. Here is how to get each of them.

The four medals go in this order Spirit Diviner > Soul Conjurer > Soul Guardian > Saint Exorcist.

So, to get any medal of these you must complete the previous ones first.

Here is how to get them. You can first start the “challenge” by going to your medals menu and challenging them. To complete them, go to Dalair or The Remember in Sleepywood.

Spirit Diviner (Quest Lvl 40, Req. Lvl 46)

  • MP +33
  • Weapon Defence +10
  • Magic Defence +10
Item(s) Needed:
Zombie Lupin Card x 1
Platoon Chronos Card x 1
Master Chronos Card x 1
Mummydog Card x 1
Wraith Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Zombie Lupin, Platoon Chronos, Master Chronos, Mummydog, and Wraith.

Soul Conjurer (Quest Lvl 57, Req. Lvl 62)

  • MP +55
  • Weapon Defence +15
  • Magic Defence +15
Item(s) Needed:
Skeleton Soldier Card x 1
Officer Skeleton Card x 1
Coolie Zombie Card x 1
Minor Zombie Card x 1
Zombie Mushmom Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Skeleton Soldier, Officer Skeleton, Coolie Zombie, and Minor Zombie, and 44 of Zombie Mushmom.

Soul Guardian (Quest Lvl 67, Req. Lvl 75)

  • STR +2
  • DEX +2
  • INT +2
  • LUK +2
  • MP +77
  • Weapon Defence +20
  • Magic Defence +20
Item(s) Needed:
Soul Teddy Card x 1
Master Soul Teddy Card x 1
Saitie Card x 1
Dark Klock Card x 1
Master Death Teddy Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy, Saitie, Dark Klock, and Master Death Teddy.

Saint Exorcist (Quest Lvl 92, Req. Lvl 100)

  • STR +3
  • DEX +3
  • INT +3
  • LUK +3
  • MP +99
  • Weapon Defence +25
  • Magic Defence +25
Item(s) Needed:
Bone Fish Card x 1
Phantom Watch Card x 1
Grim Phantom Watch Card x 1
Skelegon Card x 1
Skelosaurus Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Bone Fish, Phantom Watch, Grim Phantom Watch, Skelegon, and Skelosaurus.

After the Saint Exorcist Medal, there are no more quests in the quest line. I hope this helps! Good Luck.

Starting from scratch, these medals take an average of one week to complete. A 14x Bishop took 5 days, 4 hours a day to complete these quest/challenges.

Choosing the Explorer that’s Right for for You

June 25, 2010

This was not created by me. This is a guide made by Nexon and was posted in the GM Blog on 6/25/2010. I hope this helps you answer the question that everyone asks: What job should I be? Have fun!

Welcome to AcornStory, our new ongoing feature where we help you get started in Maple World – everything from choosing a class to finding friends to understanding combat to tips for account security. MapleStory is easy to learn, but once you learn the basic game mechanics, where do you go and what do you do? That’s where AcornStory can help.

Read the rest of this entry »

Explorer and Lilin Ring Glitch

June 24, 2010


A new glitch has been found and confirmed. Basically, there is a way to wear both the Lilin’s Ring and Explorer Rings (Cruel Ring, Critical Ring, or Explorer Ring). Also, I have heard you can get multiple explorer rings if you level multiple characters. This glitch works if you also have multiple explorer rings. It is a very simple glitch. Basically, you have to use a NX ring cover on the first ring. Then you can simply wear the second one. If you have 3 rings, have NX covers on the first two. NX Covers can be name tags, chat bubbles, friendship rings, aura rings, Mapler Rings and the Welcome Back Ring.

Hope this helps! I am not sure if you want to do this for too long incase of bans. I personally am not going to do it.

Chicky Face Decoration

June 17, 2010

You’ve probably seen these around the FM and on people. The chicky face decoration comes from the event quest of v86, A Lost Snipe. To get the chicky face decoration, you must complete a JQ 10 times to save the Lost Snipe.

To attempt this JQ, you must first talk to Gaga.


Then, you will be teleported to a new map with a giant egg. Go to the right where you will see the Lost Snipe.

Click him to start the JQ. You will be teleported to a map with him. Click him to receive his etc and you will be sent on your way to the JQ.

Finish the JQ. At the top, drop the etc that the snipe gave you right under where it says Drop. A Lost Snipe NPC should appear. Quickly click him to finish the jq.

You must finish the JQ 10 times to get the Chicky Face Decoration. This face accessory only lasts 5 days, but can be traded. Good Luck!

Here are the stats of the Chicky Face Decoration: