Here is a list of all of the medals from MapleStory Global, their stats, and how to get them.

Job Medals

Explorer Medals

Challenge Medals


20 Responses to Medals

  1. Dundeey says:

    eem, you cant click on the Challenge Medals D:

  2. Rasqer says:

    HI everyone, I just wanted to ask, can you post the challenge nedals soon and I’m rasquer from Mardia, its not really my main but nothing is becuase I have lots of high lvl characters but an acc got hacked. TY

  3. hi,i want to ask got what new event or new things for September,October,November and December?Please answer my question,thank you!

  4. MrWooHoo says:

    hey i need a bit of help again! For the mushroom kingdom medal do u have to complete every single quest? or just the one where u kill the prime minister?

  5. Tilly says:

    hi i know you havent added challenge medals yet, though i was wondering, there is a certain medal which requires completing a number of 999 quests. so far i have completed 3, and i was sure you needed only 3 though i must of been wrong as i have not recieved the medal. what is the number?!?! 😛

  6. mtptjmx says:

    when r u addng challenge medals.?

  7. Lucy says:

    when will halloween event be over? o_o

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