Need help with a quest or PQ? Not sure about what skills to add to? Request a guide here! Just leave a comment about what you need help with and I’ll try to find some information and make a guide in a few days.


60 Responses to Request

  1. Miniflakes says:

    Hi. I’m wondering how you can get from silver 5 to platinum 5 quickly. Without vaccing all the minion and using godmode in the game. Is there any way you could help me eloboost in legendstory.

  2. W3darkman says:

    reply me as fast as u can

  3. W3darkman says:

    lv 40 what to do and where is the best place to lv up

  4. kungfumonkey says:

    can anyone give me free mesos?

  5. dualoflife90 says:

    hey,dude ummmm can u give m 10 nx???? its for dualblader stufff that i really need ty its ok if u don’t but ty for the tips for the dual job advenacement bye šŸ˜€

  6. ?????????????? says:

    Can you add mechanic’s skills?

  7. Unknown! says:

    Just wondering which potions to use , currently lv60 dual blade using supreme pizzas. Playing MapleSEA, so unable to use sorcerer elixir and barbarian elixir becuase it was removed. Prices for other New Leaf City potions rised too. Can help me with a guide of ratio for MapleSEA potions?

  8. aqua says:

    You might remember me in the summer. I made large scroll investments then that will pay off today…Unforgettably I cannot get into the maple story main site for some odd reason and I know I am not banned for whatever reason becuase i was able to log in to my account on the main site from my parents computer,please,please,please help me :”(!!!!!

    • Help says:

      You might have to redownload maplestory, or you need to patch it. If it doesn’t work, get another computer.Better chances if it was new. Good Luck!!

  9. anonymous says:

    hw much can i sell a potential scroll??

  10. Noobz says:

    i wan to know red craven (claw) how much if wan to buy

  11. sdpnjawdon says:

    people are starting to hate ur webiste. ur not posting sinnce stupid leauge of legends is ur game now, make a blog aobut that.

  12. 213 says:

    r u dead? u havent posted for 2 monthsss

  13. Meto says:

    Make a mechanic skills page! I wanna decide which one to play as main…

  14. CLosLobosS says:

    Where is the best place to train for a level 39-40 Blade Acolyte?

  15. Unknown says:

    My request is that u start posting again. u havent been posting since august 16!

  16. hi,i wan t to ask about wat is request?i got a little bit dont know about request?Please answer my question,thank you!

  17. Holly says:

    hello. can i ask this web is for all maplestory or wad? does it includes mapleSEA? O_O

  18. DSdavidDS says:

    Hey, you should add a guide about a tour of Crimson Woods. That place really confuses me and it is a popular place, but many people do not know about it.

  19. nastia says:

    Hey Sushi!
    please help me=[
    i have Aran (my first one) lvl 42 and i have no idea what should i max =\
    some ppl said that i dont need Body Pressure others said that i dont need Final Charge ..i dont know what to do =[ confused =[
    whats the best build for Aran(with no budget problems)

    • Ray says:

      Trust me do body pressure. You don’t need Final charge, so i maxed mine since I’m dexless, triple,Mastery,combo smash, combo drain, body pressure.

      • dualoflife90 says:

        dude just when u get to lv. 70 u willl get all ur skills maxed trust me i have a lv. 73 aran and i know

  20. aqua says:

    please make a post on the best scrolls to invest in per week, i bet ittl attract many ppl to the website, becuase itll be very helpful to players

  21. Simon says:

    Can you post soemthing on the blizzard set?

  22. VVBROWN says:

    Hello, Maplesushi.
    i was wondering does the bow-tie show on your character? like does it actually show a bow-tie on your guy when your wearing it?
    bow-tie(red) Bow-Tie(black) etc.
    thank you so much :]

  23. michel says:

    Are the blades from quest for dual bladers?

  24. Beginnered says:

    Hey =)

    I have a level 59 Beginner. With the new event, we will all be able to get AP resets for free. I just wanted to ask what should I reset as a beginner? We have 10% mastery and we are very weak. I have 60 dex (A bit above regular, mostly its from 40~60). My hp is about 1.1k which is terrible. I have 7 luk -sighs- so i’ll reset that, and then what? I don’t know whether to Hp Wash, or put from Dex to Str… Help please? it’s kind of a big dilema +_+ Thanks~

    • maplesushi says:

      Well I don’t know much about Beginners, but it seems like HP washing a little would be nice. I would reset the luk into HP, then MP into Str.

      • Beginnered says:

        I reseted put 1 hp from 1 luk, then from the other 2 i put in str. Then I took 1 from mp to str, and because I couldn’t take more, I took from DEX another 9
        I have 51 Dex base, I lost like 7 min damage and 7 acc (not such a biggie, I have 97 now).
        I think it came out well. Thanks for help~!

  25. Your Mom says:

    Can you post some like, Pics of Resistance?

  26. Anotherfish says:

    Is there any way you could make a guide on how different classes fit into the big picture of bossing and training? I have scoured everywhere and haven’t found anything like it. I don’t care whether it is opinionated, biased, etc.; Just as long as it helps to show how all classes are valued etc.

    If you chose for the guide to cover bossing, then the guide would show how each class is valued in a party, why, and by how much.
    for example: Bishops have ressurection, heal, buffs, etc. etc. etc.

    Bowmasters have Sharp eyes, hurricane, etc. etc. etc.

    After this, you could put what the particularly useful skills do and how they help the party as a whole.

    you could even make a level range for the guide. As in, early pqs like KPQ:
    -magicians have the highest mastery at this point
    etc. etc.

    This is just an idea, I dont really mind if it doesn’t go anywhere šŸ˜€

    • maplesushi says:

      That isn’t a bad idea. However, I’ve been slammed by Dual Blade guides and info, so I don’t have much time for guides atm. I surely will keep that in mind.

  27. Poopie says:

    Hi Sushi.

    Please make a Scarlion/Targa guide. I can’t find one anywhere.
    Also a guild emblem guide. Like you take a screenshot of every single emblem you can get.

    That would be useful. Thanks!

  28. speed2 says:

    Dear Sushi,

    Need to use maker skill and I need all the tips you can provide.
    Since the beginning the only way for me to get mesos was picking it for hours and hours.
    Lost the chance to pq in my places and level so this time I intend to create items with the skill instead of buying in the free market.

    Please provide me the with all the tips from a-z on how to create basic monster crystal from monster droppings and where and which monsters should I take on and what level the monster should be.

    I can manage the rest since it is already show in the skill table.

    I am glad to hear that you don’t get bored with sometimes silly questions.

    Hoping to hear from you in the earliest possible time.

    • maplesushi says:

      The simplest, but not the easiest way to make monster crystals is by obtaining etc. drops from monsters. If you have 100 etc. of one specific monster you can create a monster crystal. For each monster crystal it should say “for making level xx – xx items”. Those levels coincide with the level of the monster. So…if you get 100 etc from a level 75 monster, it will make ONE intermediate 1 (not sure) monster crystal; basically the level 70-80 crystal.

      The easier way to create items is by destroying (not sure of exact word) pre-existing equipment. Using the maker skill, you can un-make an item. When you do this, it gives a few of the crystals of that item’s level. So…a level 75 top will give you about 3-5 monster crystals of level 70-80 which you can now use to make new items. The only drawback is that you lose the item. Scrolled items do not give you more crystals so DO NOT USE THIS ON SCROLLED OR GOOD ITEMS!

      I hope this helped. Also, I quit MS because I got hacked, so I won’t be active as much on answering these questions. Also, I might not be up-to-date on the newest things you can do or events.

  29. speed2 says:

    Hi! Sushi..!

    Got to level 71 with some minor setbacks, lost very hard earned 2748 dojo points, made a request to MS admins they replied that they “will or would” add “reclaim dojo points” wouldn’t it be great to get back those hard earned dojo points specially when I am undergoing a slow lagging gaming experience.
    You know what…the nowbie(me) has reached lvl 71.., now I am beginning to see how unco-operative other gamers are, I’m left most of time high and dry “scamming they call it” that is why I kept lots of my time in the dojo.
    Now to the point: After learning to use scrolls surely thanks to your guidance.
    I understood that 50,60,70% scrolls had more success rates than 10%, so with this info and great pride no over confidence ignored those last words on a dark scroll…uh what a surprise it gave me to find myself stark first it made me sad for losing the expensive top which I had to buy after hours & hours of picking mesos.
    Maplers are so kind to me they are giving me free dark scrolls, somehow found out of my experience.

    The point is the dark scroll always unsuccessful..?

    • maplesushi says:

      Dark scrolls are not always unsuccessful. Dark scrolls basically give the same stats as the normal scrolls except at a higher percentage. However, they have a chance of destroying the item even when combined with white scrolls or anything else. Dark scrolls destroy the item 50% of the time that it fails. So….a 30% dark scrolls will work on 30%, not work on 35%, and destroy the item on a 35% chance. I hope this helps

  30. joni says:

    hi i’d like to request a guide for the ‘Joko’ exchange quest (in deep nlc)

  31. joni says:

    hi , i will like if you post a guide for: earn money from buying in low and selling for high (mercheting)
    2.scrolling guide (which scrolls to use depend on how much funding i got , and what’s the risk ).

  32. steven says:

    how do i get deputy star???

  33. Oblite says:

    hey can u give me the guid for cross bow man? i need help cu i have no iddea were 2 put my skill points

  34. jonathan says:


  35. TillyTechno says:

    hello! id like to request a guide for 1st job bowmen and 2nd job crossbow. btw do you make a chara and make a guide from your experience?

  36. dmac says:

    sushi make a guide on warrior class skills training places where to add sp etc. cuz im makin my hero soon adn ima use yoursite for valuable insight on it

  37. Sandwitch says:

    This may be a little bit hard to find since some peoples answers vary, but I would really like your opinion. Should an i/l mage max thunder spear or element composition (in 3rd job)? Thanks šŸ˜€

    • maplesushi says:

      First of all, these type of questions belong under the “AskSushi” page. This page is meant for requesting guides and more complicated topics.
      Well, I did my research and most guides said that you should max both of them by 4th job. I personally have almost no experience with Mage classes, but I would recommend elemental/magic composition first or if you don’t have enough SP, just elemental composition because it can freeze monsters. This is useful for training at many places. Also, not many monsters are lightning weak, so thunder spear would be less useful and might deal less damage even with a higher base magic attack.

  38. Kurera says:

    I’d like to request a guide to merching or making mesos. Sounds boring but here’s the challenge – something that actually works and people can use! I’ve never found a really helpful guide of this sort so.. šŸ™‚ GL! You don’t have to tell us all your secrets but some pointers would be nice.

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